puffed snack food made by puffing machine

Working principle of puffed food machine

Puffed foods and puffed snacks now have an important share in the food market. Because puffed food has various forms, crispy taste, and easy to eat, people of all ages love it very much. How does the factory use the puffed food machines to process puffed food? What is the working principle of the puffed food making machine?

puff snack extruder machine

Commercial Puff Snack Extruder | Puffed Food Maker Machine

Commercial puff snack extruder is a kind of equipment specially used for processing various puffed foods and puffed snacks. Puffed food mainly uses grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables, etc. as raw materials, and is processed by a puffed food maker machine. And these snacks are alwayse nutritious, crispy, beautiful, and diverse shaped. This puff snack food extruder has a simple structure, easy operation, less equipment investment, and quick income, so it is very popular in domestic and foreign markets.

fried cheese made by frying machine

How to make fried food crispier?

Why do fried foods in fast-food restaurants always be golden and crispy, so that our appetite is greatly increased? Why can’t we make food delicious when we make fried food at home? That’s because we didn’t have a good mix of raw materials and accessories, or it was caused by unreasonable frying. Here I will share tips for making fried foods.

commercial popcorn chicken production line

Popcorn Chicken Making Machine | Fried Chicken Production Line

The popcorn chicken production line( or chicken popcorn processing line) is a complete set of equipment composed of a series of popcorn chicken machines, which can process fresh chicken breast into instant chicken popcorn and frozen chicken popcorn in a short time. The commercial chicken popcorn making machines can be customized with different output and models according to customer needs.

Why choose vacuum packaging for fried foods and snacks?

The vacuum packaging machine is controlled by a microcomputer program, with reasonable structure, stable performance, wide application range, and convenient use and maintenance. The vacuum cover of the vacuum packaging machine is made of stainless steel material in one molding, which is sturdy and reliable and has a long service life.

vacuum packaging machine for sale

Vacuum Packaging Machine | Snack Fried Food Packing

Food vacuum packaging machine has many functions such as vacuuming, nitrogen filling, sealing, coding, etc., and its use process has automatic program control, saving time and effort. Due to the flexible setting of vacuum, heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time, etc., different packaging materials and different packaging requirements can be easily achieved.

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