How about the burger patty machine price?

burger patty machine price

The multi-functional patty maker is popular in the market because of its high efficiency, simple operation and maintenance, and long service life. The patty forming machine can not only process all kinds of patties but also make potato patties, pumpkin patties, and vegetable patties. So, how about the burger patty machine price?

Why choose the burger patty machine?

The hamburger patty machine is the latest meat processing machine developed by our factory. The meat patty machine can replace heavy manual labor, and can produce a large amount of quality meat patties and vegetable patties in a short time.

hamburger patty processing with the hamburger forming machine
hamburger patty processing with the hamburger forming machine

The price of our burger patty machine is favorable, so anyone who wants to invest in the patty processing business can afford it. In addition, the operation of this patty processor is very intelligent and convenient, and the use of the process hardly requires workers to participate.

What are the factors that affect the burger patty machine price?

Usually, the price of our hamburger patty machine is close to its market price. But why do customers get very different quotations when looking for a hamburger maker? The main reason is that the machine has different production materials, different processing techniques and different production effects.

commercial hamburger patty machine
commercial hamburger patty machine

What are the advantages of our burger patty machine?

1.Wide range of applications. Our patty forming machine is fast, low noise, safe, reliable, compact and easy to maintain. The raw material is ground meat filling, or a mixed filling of different raw materials can be used, such as eggs, vegetables, cheese, beans, seasoned beef, chicken and fish, etc. can be used to make meat patties.

meat & vegetable patties processing effect
meat & vegetable patties processing effect

2. Advanced manufacturing process. The transparent display window and cover of the machine are made of methacrylic acid-proof material. The feed hopper of the machine is made of AISI high-quality stainless steel. The capacity of the feed tray is 18-23 liters.

The patty forming mold is made of food-grade polyethylene material. The thickness and diameter of the patties can be adjusted at will. All parts that come into contact with the stuffing, such as feed trays, knives, forming rollers, conveyor belts, etc., can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

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