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fried crispy onion rings production line plant

The fried onion ring production line is a series of equipment for processing crisp onion ring snacks. The functions of this industrial crisp onion ring processing line mainly include onion peeling and slicing, washing, air drying, frying onion rings, fried onion rings seasoning, and packaging. The output of the onion ring processing plant is between 100kg/h and 500kg/h. The Taizy factory can also provide detailed fried crispy onion rings production plans according to the production needs of customers.

What’s the best onion to use for onion rings?

There are many types of onions on the market, and we mainly have three kinds of onions, namely yellow onions, white onions, and purple onions. Different types of onions have different tastes.

onions for making crispy onion rings
onions for making crispy onion rings

Therefore, when making fried crispy onion rings, pay attention to selecting the types of onions. Usually, to make delicious crispy onion rings, we’d better choose white onions and yellow onions that are slightly sweeter. Producers who like a bit spicy taste can choose purple onions.

Why make the commercial crispy onion rings in plants?

Although we can make fried onion rings at home, we usually prefer to go to supermarkets and fast-food restaurants to buy onion ring snacks. Why is this? This is because factory-processed crispy onion rings usually taste better and have stable quality.

commercial production of crispy onion rings
commercial production of crispy onion rings

Homemade fried onion rings at home are usually time-consuming and laborious, and the onion rings made may not be delicious. Onion ring processing plants can produce fried onion rings in large quantities, and can also produce onion rings with different flavors, which can better meet the needs of different consumers.

Processing steps of the crispy onion ring production line

Onion peeling and root cutting

onion peeling machine

For onion peeling and onion root cutting, we can use the electric onion peeling and root cutting machine. These two machines can peel off the dry skin on the onion surface and cut off both ends of the peeled onion. The onion peeling rate can reach up to 95%, and the root cutting thickness can be adjusted.

Onion rings cutting

onion ring cutter machine

This semi-automatic onion slicer has multiple inlets and can slice onions of different sizes. The thickness of onion rings can be adjusted between 2mm and 8mm. The onion ring cutter machine requires workers to manually put the onion into the feed inlet during work.

Washing machine

washing machine

This automatic bubble cleaning machine is often used to clean all kinds of vegetables and fruits. It can clean the sliced ​​onion rings. Moreover, the continuous rolling blisters in the washing tank can disperse the overlapping onion rings, eliminating the need for manual sorting.

Air drying

air drying machine

The cleaned onion rings need to be quickly dried using this air dryer. The air dryer has multiple sets of fans, which can generate natural wind and blow off the water droplets on the surface of onion slices, facilitating the subsequent processing. The number of fans of the air dryer can be customized.

Onion ring batter coating

onion ring battering machine

This electric battering machine can apply batter coating to various foods, such as processing popcorn chicken, and a burger patty. This food battering machine can evenly cover the surface of each onion ring. And its battering speed can be adjusted.

Bread crumbs coating

bread crumbs coating machine

In order to make the processed fried onion rings more delicious and brighter in color, we usually coat the surface of the onion rings with bread crumbs before frying them. The bread crumb coating machine has an automatic powder spreading device, which can make the onion rings evenly covered with bread crumbs.

Onion rings frying machine

onion ring frying machine

This continuous fryer is the best equipment for processing various fried foods and snacks. When frying onion rings, preheat the frying temperature of the continuous frying machine to 160°C in advance. The frying time of onion rings is about 3 minutes. The frying temperature and frying time of the fryer can be set and adjusted.

Seasoning machine

seasoning machine

When the onion rings are fried, their color is golden and attractive. We can use an automatic seasoning machine to season crisp onion rings. However, before seasoning, customers can also use a quick de-oiling machine to de-oil the freshly fried onion rings. The main purpose of degreasing is to remove excess oil droplets from fried onion rings.

Features of fried onion ring processing plant

  • The output of the onion ring production plant can be customized. Usually, different customers have different production needs, so we will provide customers with the best crisp onion ring processing program according to different customer budgets and processing requirements.
  • Our factory’s fried onion ring processing plant is mainly divided into the semi-automatic small onion ring frying lines and automatic large fried onion ring processing lines. Customers can freely choose the production mode that suits their own factories. We also recommend suitable crisp onion ring processing solutions to customers.
  • All equipment in the frying onion ring processing plant is made of 304 stainless steel, so it is more resistant to corrosion and wear and has a longer service life. In order to realize the commercial production of fried onion rings, customers can also choose an automatic packaging machine to package the seasoned onion rings.
fried onion rings made by the onion ring production line
fried onion rings made by the onion ring production line

How do we support the customers with the best crispy onion rings production line project?

  1. Fully understand customer needs. Our sales managers usually have a certain understanding of customer characteristics in different countries and can quickly confirm customer needs. When a customer consults us on the onion ring production line, our sales manager will record and analyze the customer’s production needs in detail, and promptly propose a reasonable solution.
  2. Provide the most reasonable quotation and profit analysis. Our factory has always adhered to the concept of honest management and will never provide customers at home and abroad with quotations higher than market prices.
  3. We will reasonably set the price of the machine within our own manufacturing cost to ensure that our onion ring processing plant is affordable for customers and can create benefits for customers. We can also provide customers with a suitable production plan and profit analysis for crisp onion rings according to their investment budget and production needs.

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