Electric Air-drying and Cooling Machine | Fried Food Dryer

electric air-drying and cooling machine

The electric air-drying and cooling machine is commonly used in food processing and industrial production. The automatic air dryer can be widely used in fruit and vegetable cleaning lines, packaged food sterilization lines, and fried food cooling lines. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, fast speed, simple operation, and easy maintenance.

Applications of the air-drying and cooling machine

This main functions of the automatic air dryer are fast dewatering and cooling so that it is widely used for various food processing plants.

For drying(dewatering)

In large-scale fruit and vegetable washing and processing plants, this air dryer is very practical. It can use the strong wind to remove residual water droplets on the surface of fruit and vegetables. Similarly, for the packaged food after pasteurization, the air dryer can also dry the water droplets on the surface, and the dried food can be directly packaged.

For fast cooling

In the fried food processing line, the air dryer is often used to quickly cool the fried food. Normally, when the fried food passes through the electric air-drying and cooling machine, the temperature can quickly drop to room temperature.

Technical parameter of the fried food dryer

The Speed adjustment modemanual speed adjustmentmanual speed adjustment
Number of fans12 fans10 fans
Power 12KW, 380V / 50Hz7.5KW,380V / 50Hz
Materialhigh-quality food-grade stainless steelhigh-quality food-grade stainless steel

Main features of the air-drying and cooling machine

1.The electric air dryer has many specifications and models, so customers can choose according to their actual needs. We can also customize the machine according to customer needs, where the width and length of the mesh belt of the air dryer and the number of fans can be set at will.

2. The automatic fried food cooler is all made of SUS304 stainless steel, so it is very resistant to wear and corrosion, with a low failure rate and a long service life.

3. When the machine is in use, the speed of its mesh belt can be adjusted, and customers can set different operating speeds according to the materials to be processed, so as to achieve better air-drying and cooling effects.

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