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electric chin chin cutter for sale

The electric chin chin cutter machine is the important equipment for processing traditional Nigerian snacks, which can quickly cut dough into small pieces of various shapes and sizes. At the same time, this commercial chin chin cutting machine is also the common pretreatment equipment for the fried chin-chin snacks processing line.

delicious Nigerian chin chin snacks
delicious Nigerian chin chin snacks

Why use an electric chin chin cutter?

Today, in many parts of Africa, food and snack processing are no longer just home-made methods, but large-scale production through food processing plants. Especially when processing fried chin chin snacks, many food factories and restaurants choose to buy electric chin chin cutting machines instead of manually cutting dough.

chin chin cutting machine's usage
chin chin cutting machine’s usage

This fast cutter machine can quickly press the dough into sheets and then cut them into even-sized cubes or strips. This machine has high processing efficiency, can replace tedious manual labor, and has a good cutting effect, which is very suitable for chin chin making plants.

How does the automatic chin chin cutting machine work?

This multifunctional pasta cutting machine has a compact structure and mainly has two functions: dough sheets pressing and cutting.

The first part of the machine is mainly a dough sheets pressing structure, which can fully squeeze large pieces of dough to form dough sheets with uniform thickness. And we can adjust the thickness of the dough sheets by adjusting the gap between the pressing rollers.

structural features of the chin chin cutting machine
structural features of the chin chin cutting machine

The other part of the machine is mainly a fast cutting device. We can process pasta pieces of different shapes and sizes by changing different cutters and adjusting the distance between the blades.

The chin chin cutter machine is often equipped with a small electric control cabinet that can control the entire processing process. Moreover, there is an automatic powder box in the middle of the machine, which can evenly sprinkle a layer of flour on the pressed dough sheets, otherwise the dough sheets stick together.

different cutting unit of the chin chin cutter
different cutting unit of the chin chin cutter

Technical parameter of the electric chin-chin cutter machine

NameChin Chin Cutter Machine
Power1.5 kw
Capacity50-100 kg/h
Thickness Range0-30 mm
Cutting Range23.5~188(length)

Working video of commercial chin-chin cutting machine

Applications of the electric chin chin snack cutter machine

This electric cutter can cut the kneaded dough into cubes, strips, moon shape, round shape, triangle, hexagon, etc. And we can also customize the cutting units based on the customers’ needs. After formed by this chin chin cutter, the user can use a deep fryer machine to fry the dough pieces for making crisp snacks. This machine is always used in the chin chin production line.

production effect of chin chin cutter machine
production effect of chin chin cutter machine

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