Chin Chin Snack Processing Plant | Production Line for Ghana & Nigeria

Nigeria chin chin snacks production line

The complete chin chin processing plant is also famous for the name of Ghana & Nigeria chin chin snacks production line. This fried chin chin processing plant is designed for making crisp snacks for many West African countries, like Nigeria and Ghana. The chin chin production line mainly includes the dough mixer, dough sheet press machine, chin chin cubes cutting machine, frying machine, deoiling machine, and fried chin chin packaging machine. Commercial production of fried chin chin can be realized with the help of commercial chin chin making machines. At present, many investors engaged in traditional food production have begun to pay attention to chin chin business. The chin chin processing business is mainly processing fried chin chin snacks for sale and export.

What is the traditional Nigerian chin chin recipe?

Chin chin is a common fried snack in many West African countries, so there are various chin chin processing recipes. The traditional Nigerian fried chin chin recipes are very simple. When making chin chin manually in Nigeria, you need to make the dough first, that is, add an appropriate amount of water to the flour to mix and knead to form a soft dough.

delicious chin chin snacks in Nigeria & Ghana
delicious chin chin snacks in Nigeria & Ghana

You can also add seasonings when making doughs. Then use a rolling pin to roll the dough to form a uniform thickness of dough sheets. Next, we will use a knife to cut the dough sheets into strips or cubes. Then put the cut dough cubes into the fryer for frying. After being fried, it can be eaten after cooling. We can also season the fried chin chin.

Why make Nigerian chin chin snacks with a chin chin processing plant?

With the tremendous progress of science and technology, our social productivity has gradually improved, and the social demand for fried food is increasing. At present, many food processing is no longer dependent on manual production but produced through advanced food processing equipment.

various chin chin products made by chin chin processing plant
various chin chin products made by chin chin processing plant

The fried chin chin in Nigeria is the same. With the increasing demand, many processors choose to use commercial chin chin processing plants for mass production. This can not only meet the needs of the local market, but even export this delicious Nigerian chin chin snack to other countries.

Machine list of the chin chin production line

No.Machine Name
1Dough mixer machine
2Dough sheet press machine
3Chin chin cutter machine
4Chin chin frying machine
5Electric deoiling machine
6Chin chin snacks packaging machine

Working video of the chin chin processing line

Fried chin chin snack production process

The whole production process of the chin chin processing plant: soft dough mixing–dough sheets pressing–chin chin cubes cutting–chin chin frying–deoiling and seasoning–chin chin packaging.

Dough mixing—dough mixer machine

commercial dough mixer machine
commercial dough mixer machine

This electric dough mixer is a commonly used kneading equipment, which can quickly mix all kinds of flour. Different types of dough mixing machines, the processing capacity of each batch is different, usually 15kg, 25kg, and 50kg. The dough kneading machine has an automatic mixing device and can tilt the discharge, the use method is very simple, and the work efficiency is high. When do dough mixing, users can also add appropriate seasonings into the dough.

Dough sheets making—dough sheet press machine

dough sheets press machine
dough sheets press machine

The automatic noodle pressing machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is strong and durable. It can roll the dough repeatedly to form dough sheets of uniform thickness. After being processed by the dough sheet maker, the density of the dough will increase, and it will be tougher, which can make the chin chin taste better. In addition, users can adjust the thickness of the dough sheets according to different processing requirements.

Chin chin cubes cutting—electric chin chin cutter machine

electric chin chin cutter machine
electric chin chin cutter machine

After the Dough sheets are processed, we need to use a chin chin cutting machine to quickly cut these dough sheets into even-sized strips or cubes. The cutting blades of the chin chin cutter can be removed and replaced. Therefore, users can process chin chin pieces of various shapes by changing different cutting blades. This cutter machine is the important equipment in the chin chin production line.

Chin chin frying—deep fryer machine

chin chin snacks frying machine
chin chin snacks frying machine

When frying chin chin cubes in large quantities, this round deep fryer machine will be a good choice. The chin chin frying machine has the function of automatic feeding and discharging, which can avoid scalding during manual feeding. Moreover, the fryer is very practical and can be used to fry various foods. The temperature of frying chin is about 160°C, and the frying temperature can be adjusted.

Deoiling and seasoning—deoiling machine and seasoning machine

electric deoiling machine for making Nigerian chin chin
electric deoiling machine for making Nigerian chin chin

Fried chin chin snacks will contain a lot of oil droplets just after being fried, and we need to use this electric deoiler to quickly degrease them. The deoiling machine can remove excess oil droplets on the surface of the chin chin, making the fried chin chin taste better. In addition, processors can use a seasoning machine to season fried chin chin according to their needs.

Fried chin chin packaging—chin chin packaging machine

Nigerian snack chin chin packaging machine
Nigerian snack chin chin packaging machine

This vertical chin chin packaging machine is often used for packaging granular items, especially suitable for packaging various snacks. When using this snack packaging machine, we can customize the weight and packaging style. In addition, chin chin packaging can be filled with nitrogen. Chin chin snacks packing is the last step of the chin chin processing plant.

Why do many African customers choose Taizy chin chin making machines?

  • Good product quality. Our chin chin making machines are all made of high-quality stainless steel, which is resistant to wear, corrosion, long service life, and low failure rate. Therefore, customers are highly satisfied and are more willing to introduce their friends and partners to buy our food processing equipment.
  • Good after-sales service. No matter which country our chin chin processing plant is exported to, we will do our best to provide good after-sales services. Such as providing detailed machine installation instruction videos, equipment instructions, and maintenance skills to our customers. And regularly track the customer’s equipment usage and provide reasonable usage suggestions and guidance.
  • Good production returns. Many African customers purchase our chin chin processing line to mass-produce and sell chin chin snacks. They even exported fried chin chin to other countries, thus making huge profits. Chin chin processing business not only increases the income of some people but also promotes the employment of local labor, so it is a good investment industry.

How To Make Chin Chin snacks?

Processing fried chin chin is usually made at home. The important processing process includes mixing noodles, rolling noodles, cutting dough, frying, and seasoning. Most people in West African countries use homemade deep-fried chin chin to produce chin chin snacks.

With the improvement of production level, in order to improve the production efficiency of chin chin snacks, the way of making chin chin snacks by hand is gradually replaced by chin chin processing equipment. Food processing plants can produce delicious fried chin chin in large quantities using a full set of chin chin production lines.

How to start chin chin business in Nigeria?

Fried chin chin is very popular as a local traditional delicacy in Nigeria. However, the main way to produce chin chin snacks locally is to make them by hand, and the production efficiency is very low.

And this kind of fried chin chin is usually only eaten during important festivals. In order to promote chin chin to more countries and increase the output of fried chin chin, and meet the local market demand in Nigeria, some investors plan to start chin chin processing business in Nigeria.

The conditions that need to be met to start a fried chin chin business in Nigeria are capital, workers, chin chin sales market and chin chin making machines.

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