Fully Automatic Deoiling Machine | Dewatering Machine

full automatic deoiling dewatering machine for sale

This fully automatic deoiling machine is often used in large-scale fried food production lines, puffed food and snacks processing lines. This new type of deep-fried food deoiling equipment is designed with two high-speed deoiling drums, and the processing efficiency is very high. In addition, this deoiling machine is not only used for degreasing food, but also for rapid dewatering of wet materials.

Technical parameter of the fully automatic deoiling machine


Main applications of the automatic fried food deoiling machine

For fast dewatering

This electric deoiler can be used for dewatering of the washed materials. And the main purpose of dewatering is to remove the excess water droplets on the surface of the materials. For example, when processing potato chips and french fries, there is a link for blanching the chips, and before frying these chips, we should use this machine to dewater the blanched chips quickly.

For efficient deoiling

In the fried food processing line, after the food is fried, there will be a lot of oil droplets on the surface. In order to make the fried food have a better taste and healthier, we need to use an automatic degreasing machine to remove the excess oil droplets on the surface of the fried food and reduce its fat content.

Automatic deoiling machine structure

The fully automatic deoiler has a double barrel structure, and its deoiling efficiency is higher. Its main structure includes a frame, two rotating drums (double layer), upper feeder, motor, shaft, and PLC. According to different customer needs, we can also customize degreasers of different specifications and models.

How does the fried food deoiling machine work?

Unlike a semi-automatic deoiler, this fully automatic deoiler is mainly used in production lines and basically requires no workers during operation, saving time and effort. The fried food will enter the two deoiling drums through the distributor on the upper part of the deoiling machine.

Deep-fried food can quickly remove excess fat after rotating at high speed in the drum. The de-oiled food can automatically fall down on the conveyor belt, and the oil will be discharged from the oil outlet of the de-oiling machine.

Features of the fully automatic deoiling machine

1.The deoiling machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to wear and corrosion and has a long service life.

2. The fried food deoiling machine can work continuously in the production line, so the working efficiency of the device is very high, and its processing capacity is 800kg / h to 2000kg / h per hour.

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