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commercial vacuum tumbler for sale
Commercial vacuum tumbler can not only increase the speed of condiments entering the meat, but also keep the moisture in the meat to the maximum.

The vacuum tumbler is mainly used to tumble and marinate processed meat such as beef, mutton, chicken, pork, and fish under a vacuum state. Therefore, it is the most commonly used mechanical equipment for meat processing enterprises.

chicken tumbler machine

The commercial vacuum tumbler can not only increase the speed of condiments entering the meat, and keep the moisture in the meat to the maximum, but also achieve the purpose of making the meat fresh and tender.

Benefits of using a vacuum tumbler machine

  1. By creating a vacuum-sealed environment, the tumbler marinator ensures optimal penetration of marinades, resulting in tender, flavorful meats, and vegetables. This process not only enhances taste but also preserves the natural juices, making meals succulent and mouthwatering.
  2. The rotating stand and horizontal design make this machine have a larger loading capacity.
  3. It is suitable for curing and processing sausage, ham, bacon, grilled meat, sauce, marinade, and leisure meat food.
  4. Taizy vacuum tumbler machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is in line with the hygienic standard of food machinery.
  5. Automatic discharging can be realized, which can reduce labor intensity and increase productivity.
  6. The machine will not harm the surface of the product during the working process.
vacuum tumbler for meat marinating
vacuum tumbler for meat marinating

Parameters of meat vacuum tumbler machine

ModelPower (Kw)Dimensions (mm)Body diameters(mm)Body length (mm)
9 models of vacuum meat tumbler machines

What size vacuum meat tumbler machine do you want for your production needs? In our company, we have up to 9 different models of vacuum meat tumbler marinators for sale. You can choose according to your own needs. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

In addition, we have a vacuum packaging machine that can be used to package marinated meats. The vacuum packaging design maximizes the shelf life of the meat.

vacuum meat tumblers are in stock
vacuum meat tumblers are in stock

Structure of vacuum tumbler marinator

The vacuum tumbler marinator has a simple structure and is mainly composed of a frame, a roller, a reducer, a vacuum pump, a chain drive, and control appliances. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and has a compact structure.

Both ends of the drum adopt a spinning capping structure, which can increase the space for beating in the drum and make the effect of rolling products even. The internal rolling teeth of the vacuum meat tumbler machine are spiral rolling teeth, which can be used for the rolling of various products. Next, I’ll tell you more about how the meat tumbler machine marinates meat.

vacuum tumbler marinator in factory
vacuum tumbler marinator in the factory

The vacuum pump is a water circulation vacuum pump, which can avoid product contamination. The vacuum tumbler marinator adopts advanced manufacturing technology. And it has the characteristics of frequency conversion, automation, adjustable speed, low noise, reliable performance, simple operation, and higher efficiency.

How does the commercial vacuum tumbler work?

Feeding of the tumbler

Turn on the vacuum pump, and when it reaches a certain negative pressure, connect the suction pipe to the suction. Or you can open the cover and add materials manually.


Use a vacuum pump to vacuum the interior of the tumbler and keep a certain degree of vacuum in the tumbler.

Setting and controlling the running time

The meat tumbler marinator has a special time setting button, which can be set according to different needs. Make it play with the greatest efficiency. There are different ways to set the time from seconds to hours.

Setting the rolling time on the control panel

There will be a certain interval when the tumbler is working, which can be customized according to different needs. The interval time and working time of the vacuum tumbler can be set separately, and they have independent control buttons.

Adjusting the control panel buttons

Turn the knob on the control panel to “Run”, and the vacuum pump and inflation knob to “On”, and the machine starts to run in the set mode.

Turning the knob on the control panel to the stop position

After the work is over, stop the work of the tumbler. Turn the knob on the control panel to the stop position. If the working time is set, the machine will automatically stop running when the working time is up.

Cleaning the equipment

After the pressure inside and outside the drum of the vacuum meat tumbler is balanced, rotate the drum to discharge the material. Then clean the equipment and use a professional cleaning agent with water for cleaning.

working process of vacuum tumbler for meat marinating
working process of vacuum tumbler for meat marinating

Precautions for using the meat tumbler marinator

  1. Every time the vacuum tumbler is finished, the bottom valve of the vacuum oil-water separator should be opened to drain the accumulated water. Remove the vacuum suction and clean the vacuum pump’s oil-water separator to ensure the vacuum pipeline’s smooth flow.
  2. The vacuum pump should be stopped once a month to check the oil contamination. If the oil in the vacuum pump has been contaminated, the oil should be changed in time. Before changing the oil, the pump must run forward for 15 minutes without load, let the oil heat up and stop the pump, unscrew the oil plug to drain the dirty oil, and then clean the pump with some new oil before injecting new oil.
  3. Check the oil level of the reducer frequently. If the oil level is found to be lower than 1/2 of the oil window height, add 30# mechanical oil in time. The electrical control box of the vacuum tumbler must be firmly grounded to ensure electrical safety.
meat marinating machine
meat marinating machine

Vacuum meat tumbler shipped to Canada

In February 2024, a Canadian client purchased two brand-new vacuum meat tumblers from our company. These machines, specifically model TZ-600L, are equipped with a 2.95 kW power capacity, dimensions of 2060x1100x1570 mm, a body diameter of 1000 mm, and a body length of 1200 mm.

Our client, a prominent poultry processing company, uses the commercial vacuum tumbler marinator to marinate chicken. The advanced features of the TZ-600L ensure efficient and thorough marination, enhancing the flavor and tenderness of the chicken. Upon receiving the machines, the client expressed high satisfaction with their performance and quality.

shipment picture
shipment picture
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