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Food vacuum packaging machine has many functions such as vacuuming, nitrogen filling, sealing, coding, etc., and its use process has automatic program control, saving time and effort. Due to the flexible setting of vacuum, heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time, etc., different packaging materials and different packaging requirements can be easily achieved.

Applications of the vacuum packaging machine

The vacuum packaging machine is a device that automatically seals the air in the vacuum chamber after it is vacuumized. Due to the high vacuum degree and less residual air in the packaged items, the proliferation of microorganisms is suppressed, the oxidation and mildew of the items are avoided, and the storage or fresh-keeping period of the product is extended.

The vacuum packaging machine is suitable for packaging of the food industry, such as various meat, fried food, snacks, sauces, condiments, preserved fruits, grains, soy products, chemicals, medicinal materials and other granular or liquid products for vacuum sealing packaging .

Technical parameters of the fried food vacuum packing machine

TZ-400500*5000.75Vacuum + nitrogen filling, single chamber
TZ-4001100*5001.5Vacuum + nitrogen filling, double chamber
TZ-5001200*6002.2Vacuum + nitrogen filling, double chamber
TZ-6001300*7003Vacuum + nitrogen filling, double chamber
TZ-8001700*9004Vacuum + nitrogen filling, double chamber

Note: Our vacuum packaging machine is mainly divided into single-chamber packaging machine and double-chamber packaging machine. And there are many types and specifications of these two vacuum packaging machines. We can also customize the machine according to the packaging materials and packaging sizes of customers.

Structure of the vacuum packaging machine for fried food

1. Control system: computer control panel, there are multiple control methods for customers to choose from.

2. Vacuum pump: A strict quality inspection system ensures the safe and stable operation of the vacuum machine.

3. Vacuum cover hinge: The special labor-saving vacuum cover hinges greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers in daily work.

4. Main body material: The main structural material of the vacuum packaging machine is 304 stainless steel, which can be used in strong corrosion and harsh environments, and is resistant to wear and corrosion.

How does the fried food packaging machine work?

1. The working process of the vacuum packaging machine is as follows: closing the lid-evacuating-sealing-cooling-deflating. First, put the food to be packed in a vacuum bag, and then put the bag on the sealing steel box, the sealing line is aligned with the extension of the silicone strip.

2. Press down the vacuum chamber, and let go after the working room is closed. When the vacuum chamber is evacuated, the evacuation time can be adjusted according to the needs of different processes, and the adjustment range is adjustable from 5-99 seconds.

3. After the vacuum evacuation is completed, the sealed airbag will automatically inflate. The sealing device is pressed down, the heating bar is energized to start heating, and the heating adjustment range is 0.5-9 seconds.

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