coated peanuts

Common recipes for coated peanuts

The coated peanut processing line can process various coated peanuts with different flavors. This is because there are different recipes for coated peanuts.

Chin Chin production line

FAQ about Chin Chin production

During the production of chin chin, we usually encounter many operational problems. We summarized some common problems and solutions for your reference.

batch fryer machine for sale

How much does it cost to buy a batch fryer machine?

The batch fryer is an ideal equipment for processing various fried foods and fried snacks. This kind of commercial food frying equipment is now widely used in restaurants, fast food restaurants, food processing plants, potato chip processing plants and French fries processing plants. So, what is the price of the batch fryer? How many lines do we need to spend to buy a small potato chip fryer?

fried peanuts

200kg/h peanut frying line shipped to Kenya

Crispy and spicy peanuts are popular fried snacks in many countries. The commercial peanut frying line provided by our factory is the best choice for many food processors to invest in fried peanut production. The industrial peanut frying line mainly includes the peanut peeling machine, peanut frying machine, deoiling machine, seasoning machine, and packaging machine. Recently, we exported a small peanut frying line with a capacity of 200kg/h to Kenya.

fried onion ring making machine for sale

How to make crispy onion rings? Fried onion ring making machine for sale

Crispy onion rings usually need to be battered, breadcrumbs-coated, fried, and seasoned. In addition to making fried onion rings at home, we can also buy onion ring snacks produced in large quantities by onion ring processing plants. How does the onion ring snack factory make crisp onion rings? The answer is to use the fried onion ring making machine.

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