What are the characteristics of the oil-water separation type frying machine?

The electric heating oil-water separation frying machine is a new type of energy-saving frying equipment. This practical electric fryer has the advantages of smokeless, multi-function, high working efficiency, and simple operation. The frying machine equipment adopts the most advanced oil-water mixed frying process in the world, which fundamentally solves the problems of high oil consumption

Installation and use method of the automatic frying machine

Automatic frying machine is currently a very popular food frying equipment on the market, it can be used to fry almost all food, so it is mainly suitable for large food production enterprises, which is characterized by continuous production, energy-saving, and labor-saving. In the actual use of the automatic fryer, we must master the correct

What is the aroma and color preservation technology of vacuum fryer?

Vacuum fryer has color protection function The vacuum frying machine uses vacuum frying to greatly reduce the temperature and oxygen concentration in the frying pan, thereby playing the role of preserving the color of the fried food. How to maintain the color of the raw materials for fried foods is very important. Moreover, consumers often

How to improve the gas type frying machine’s gas utilization rate?

Gas-type frying machine is the important equipment for processing fried food, such as processing fried peanuts, french fries and donuts. Gas-fired fryer machine has the advantages of low cost and high processing efficiency. So how to improve the utilization rate of gas when using gas-type fryer? Characteristics of the gas-type frying machine A gas fryer

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