deep fryer shipped to Nigeria

deep fryer Nigeria

We have just shipped the deep fryer to Nigeria. The customer is in the crispy peanut business and needs to use the fryer for processing and production. The double-frame machine purchased by the customer has a relatively large output, which can be operated by one person at the same time, which is very convenient.

Introduction of deep Fryer Shipped to Nigeria

A fryer is a machine used for frying food. It can be heated by electricity or gas. Choose one of the two heating methods. In addition, the fryer has different models and output, and customers can choose according to their needs.

What products can the fryer process

Fryers can process a wide range of machines. Foods such as peanut nuts, chicken, French fries and potato chips can be fried. There are many types of foods that can be processed, and the fryer used in our small professional potato chips and fries production line is also this type of machine. Very convenient.

potato chips
potato chips

Types of deep fryer

The types of frying machines are not only semi-automatic frying machines, but also continuous frying machines. This frying machine is more suitable for large-scale production lines and can guarantee output. It also carries out automatic feeding and automatic output during frying. material.

continuous frying machines
continuous frying machines
deep Fryer 2

Customer feedback of Nigerian deep fryer

Crispy Peanuts
Crispy Peanuts

After the deep fryer Nigeria customer received the machine, they tried it out. The Nigerian customer chose the machine that was heated by electricity. The machine used the fryer to produce crispy peanuts. The customer said that the frying temperature of the machine is relatively stable. The crispy peanuts are very beautiful in color. Very satisfied with this machine.Our deep fryer machines are not only sold to Nigeria, but can also be shipped to all over the world.

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