Commercial potato chips batch fryer machine

commercial potato chip frying machine

A commercial batch fryer is a common equipment for making various fried snacks, especially suitable for making crispy potato chips and fries. There are two main types of batch-type potato chip frying machines in Taizy, one is a frame-type small frying machine, and the other is a large-volume round frying machine. The heating methods of these two potato chip batch fryers can be used for electric heating and gas heating.

Why choose the potato chips batch fryer machine?

To make crisp potato chips, we can choose to use a wok at home to fry potato chips. Of course, in order to achieve mass production of potato chips, we need to purchase a commercial potato chip batch fryer machine.

deep fried potato chips
deep fried potato chips

The operation method of the potato chip fryer is simple, the frying temperature can be set and adjusted, so it is very flexible when processing potato chips. In addition, the output of potato chips produced by ordinary fryers is too small, and the average hourly output of commercial potato chip making machines is above 50kg/h, which is very suitable for restaurants, fast food restaurants, and food processing plants.

Classification of Taizy potato chips fryers

As a professional manufacturer and exporter of food machines, Taizy has developed a variety of very cost-effective frying equipment. The potato chip fryer that our factory often exports mainly includes batch type potato chip fryer and continuous fryer.

The output of a continuous potato chip frying machine is usually relatively large, and the minimum output per hour is above 200kg, so it is more suitable for use in medium-sized potato chip processing plants.

The small potato chip fryer in Taizy factory is divided into frame fryer machine and circular fryer machine.

Frame type potato chips batch fryer

This kind of frame type potato chip fryer usually has a variety of specifications and can be customized into single frame fryer, double frame fryer, three frame fryer, four frame fryer, and six frame fryer according to customer needs.

The output of this small fryer can be increased by increasing the number of frying frames. The heating method of the frame type potato chip fryer is electric heating and gas heating.

Round potato chips frying machine

The round potato chip fryer has relatively large output and is more convenient to use. This new type of potato chip frying machine has an automatic feeding and discharging function, so it can prevent users from being burned.

The semi-automatic frying machine can be used to process potato chips, but also to fry green beans, peanuts, puffed food, chicken legs, chicken rice noodles, etc.

Main features of the commercial potato chips batch fryer machine

  1. The potato chip fryer can precisely control the temperature, quality, and flow rate of frying, helping customers produce high-quality potato chips with consistent moisture, low oil content, and uniform color.
  2. The oil can be continuously circulated between the fryer, filter, and heat exchanger to provide precise temperature control and quick adjustment according to different product loads.
  3. The extremely low system oil volume, fast oil turnover rate, excellent oil filtration system, and gentle oil heating process ensure that the oil of the potato chip frying machine is in a high-quality state for a long time, which guarantees the long-term continuous operation of the potato chip production line And to ensure high-quality potato chips.
  4. The output of potato chip batch fryer ranges from 200 to 3,000 kg per hour. We can also provide a wealth of potato chip production line configurations, which can be applied to different customers.

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