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large continuous frying machine for sale

Continuous fryer is also called mesh belt fryer and automatic fryer. This large-scale frying equipment is often used in various automatic fried food production lines. The continuous fryer has the advantages of intelligent temperature control, automatic feeding and discharging, large processing capacity, simple operation, easy cleaning and maintenance, and it is necessary equipment for many large food processing plants.

Main applications of the continuous fryer machine

Continuous frying machines have a large processing capacity and are generally suitable for various types of fried food processing lines, such as french fries production lines, potato chips production lines, banana chips production lines, chicken popcorn production lines, and donut production lines.

Foods suitable for processing with a continuous fryer mainly include various types of nuts, pasta, meat, vegetables, and fruits.

Mesh belt fryer’s technical parameter

Continuous fryer with electric-heating

ModelDimension(mm)Weight(kg)Power(kw)Capacity(kg/h)Mesh belt width(mm)

Continuous frying machine with gas-heating


Working video of the food fryer machine

Note: there are many models and specifications of the automatic frying machine in our factory. We just show a few hot models here. In fact, we can customize continuous fryer with different sizes and different outputs according to customer requirements.

Structure of the continuous fryer

There are two main types of continuous fryer manufactured by our factory: electric heating type and gas heating type. The structure and function of these two frying machines are basically the same. However, the gas-type fryer needs to be equipped with a dedicated burner to ignite the combustible gas and provide heat for frying.

The continuous fryer is mainly composed of a transmission motor, a chain conveyor, an oil tank, a scraper device, heating tubes, a rack, a waste removal device, and an electric control cabinet, etc.

How does the automatic food frying machine work?

First, the oil drain valve of the fryer is closed, and the specified amount of oil is injected into the oil tank. The electric heating fryer only needs to turn on the power switch.

If it is a gas-type fryer, you need to open the gas valve, use the ignition rod to ignite the long open flame, and adjust the corresponding pressure value according to the gas source used (oil liquefied gas 280mmH2O; natural gas 200 mmH2O; artificial pipeline gas 100 mmH2O), then Different fried foods to determine the corresponding oil temperature.

When the oil temperature reaches the specified value, the transmission motor is started and the conveyor belt starts to run. We need to set the frying time according to the fried food and use this to adjust the conveyor chain speed.

When the oil temperature rises, add the food to be fried to the fryer inlet evenly (the input amount should preferably account for 50 ~ 60% of the total area). The food will run with the conveyor belt inside the fryer and be fried. After completion, the fried food will output from the discharge port.

Main features of the mesh belt automatic frying machine

1. If all parts of the continuous fryer are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, it is very resistant to wear and corrosion. Insulation cotton is filled between the oil tank and the outer shell of the frying machine, which can effectively reduce heat loss and improve frying efficiency.

2. The bottom of the fryer is provided with a device for automatically removing oil residues. Residues generated during the frying process of food can be automatically cleaned away, thereby ensuring good oil quality and making the fried food taste better.

3. The upper part of the automatic fryer has an automatic lifting device, which can be used to lift the cover. After the frying work is completed, the lifting device can automatically lift the cover of the machine, which is convenient for cleaning the inside of the machine.

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