Automatic discharging batch fryer | Tipping type frying machine

automatic discharging batch fryer for sale

    This automatic-discharging batch fryer also named round frying machine, which is specially designed for small and medium-scale fried food processing lines. It is made of all 304 stainless steel so that it is very durable and corrosion-resistant. The tipping type frying machine has the function of automatic discharging of the final fried products so that it is very safe for labor operation.

    Main applications of the automatic discharging batch fryer

    The frying machine is a semi-automatic series of food frying equipment. It is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized food factories. It can produce most fried snacks, such as fried broad beans, fried green beans, fried peanuts, fried pine nuts and other nuts. As well as doughnuts, fried twists, french fries, shell crisps, popcorn and other pasta products and puffed food.

    Tipping type frying machine’s technical data

    Electric automatic batch fryer


    Gas-heating tipping type frying machine


    The main structure of the automatic discharging round fryer machine

    The structure of the round batch fryer is very compact, the appearance is very beautiful, and it occupies less space. The main part is mainly a round (or square) pot body, and there is also a net-shaped bucket structure in the pot body. In addition, the fryer has a structure such as a motor, an electric control cabinet, a rack body, an internal stirring shaft, a support arm, and the housing.

    When using this tipping type frying machine, we need to add materials manually or install an automatic feeding hopper for automatic feeding. During the frying process, the material will be continuously stirred by the automatic stirring shaft inside the fryer body, so as to achieve the purpose of even heating and fast frying.

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