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    The frame-type frying machine is also called the semi-automatic fryer machine, which is commonly used in various fried food processing shops and plants. This commercial small fryer is compact in structure and easy to operate. It can be used in both electric heating and gas heating. This shop deep fryer is very suitable for small food processing plants.

    Applications of frame-type food frying machine

    This machine has a wide range of applications. Almost all the fried foods on the market can be processed with this frame-type frying machine, such as fried chicken legs, fried meat balls, french fries and chips, fried peanuts, fried broad beans, fried vegetables, fried donuts, fried dough sticks, fried twist, etc.

    Frame-type fryer machine’s technical parameters

    electric frame type deep fryer


    Gas-heating food frying machine


    Note: The models of the electric fryer and gas-heated fryer in our factory have many specifications. We only list a few of the more popular ones here. We can also customize the deep fryers according to customer needs.

    What are the common specifications of the frame type frying machine?

    Single frame fryer

    Single frame frying machine is the smallest type of frying equipment, mainly composed of the outer frame, inner basket, heating tube, motor, and other parts. This small fryer is very suitable for home or deli use.

    Double frame fryer

    The processing capacity of the double basket fryer is twice that of the single-frame fryer. The main structure of the two is basically the same. On the basis of the single-frame fryer, the double-frame fryer lengthens the outer frame and adds an inner basket.

    Three and four frame fryer

    This frying machine is actually designed according to different customer needs. Generally suitable for semi-automatic fried food processing lines with large processing capacity. This multi-basket type fryer has multiple sets of independent heating tubes. When one group of heating pipes fails, the heating pipes of the other groups can continue to be used, which can ensure the continuous production of customers.

    Six or more frame fryer machine( can customized)

    In fact, the frame fryer can be customized according to the customer’s processing needs and output requirements, whether it is 6 baskets, 8 baskets or more, we can customize it. And the heating method of the fryer can also be selected.

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