Common recipes for coated peanuts

coated peanuts

Coated peanuts are a delicious casual snack that is very popular with most consumers. When the coated peanut processors use the coated peanut processing equipment to produce coated peanut products, they must not only master the use of the coated peanut machine but also master different formulas for making coated peanuts. In this way, processors can produce coated peanut products that are welcomed by the market.

Processing craft of coated peanuts

Although there are many types and flavors of coated peanuts, their processing methods are basically the same. Usually, the coated peanut making machine is used to produce coated peanuts through raw material selection, peanut coating, frying, seasoning, and packaging.

  1. Use small peanuts of uniform size to make coated peanuts as appropriate. It is also necessary to ensure that the peanuts are free from pests and intact.
  2. When using an automatic coating machine to coat peanuts, first coat the peanuts with a layer of syrup. Then coat the peanuts that have been coated in syrup with a layer of powder.
  3. Fry the powdered peanuts with a fryer. The frying temperature is more appropriate at 160℃-170℃. Be careful not to stir frequently when frying.
  4. Do not season the coated peanuts immediately after frying. After frying, the coated peanuts can be properly cooled before being seasoned with a seasoning machine.
  5. After seasoning, the coated peanuts need to be cooled to room temperature before they can be packaged by the packaging machine.
fried spicy coated peanut production line
fried spicy coated peanut production line

Recipes for making coated peanuts for reference

Syrup recipe

ItemAdd amount(kg)
White sugar100
Leavening agent1.5

Sticky rice paste recipe

ItemAdd amount(kg)
White sugar7.5
Glutinous rice flour12.5

Note for the paste mixing

  1. The glutinous rice flour should be melted with cold water and stirred into a uniform slurry.
  2. Put the white sugar, salt, etc. into the water to heat and boil.
  3. After the water is boiled, pour into the slurry, and stir while pouring until it becomes a uniformly thick paste.
  4. The total amount of water can be added or subtracted according to the actual situation. The reference amount is 160kg.
all kinds of coated peanuts made by coated peanut making machine
all kinds of coated peanuts made by coated peanut making machine

Coated peanut seasoning powder recipe

ItemAdd amount(kg)
Low-gluten flour20
Corn starch5
Deformed starch5
MSG powder0.26
Chili powder0.3
Ginger powder0.1
Garlic powder0.2
Gel powder0.4
Cheese powder0.2
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