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A vacuum frying equipment is a device that uses vacuum frying technology to fry food. This is a relatively new frying technique. It works as follows.

Working principle of Vacuum frying machine

  1. Prepare the vacuum: First, make a sealed vacuum chamber inside the fryer. Then the air inside the vacuum frying machine is sucked out by a vacuum pump to create a certain degree of vacuum.
  2. Heating oil: Put the food to be fried into the vacuum frying equipment. Then pour an appropriate amount of edible oil into the pot, and heat the oil to a suitable temperature through an electric heating tube or other heating methods.
  3. Fry the food: When the oil temperature reaches the set temperature, adjust the air pressure inside the fryer machine to a certain degree of negative pressure compound compound. In this way, when frying food, the bubbles generated by frying expansion can be more fully expanded under the action of negative pressure. This will make the food more fluffy and crispy.
  4. Exhaust oily fumes: A lot of oily fumes will be produced during the frying process. In order to reduce the impact on the environment, the vacuum frying equipment is also equipped with oil fume purification equipment. In this way, the emission of soot can be reduced by means of adsorption and filtration.
fried banana chips 
fried banana chips 

Vacuum frying benefits

  1. Fried food is safer: Vacuum frying technology can not only reduce the fat content in fried food, but also reduce the generation of carcinogens and harmful compounds in fried food.
  2. Better taste and color: Vacuum frying can be done at a lower temperature. Therefore, the original taste and color of the food can be better preserved, making the food more delicious.
  3. Food quality is high. Vacuum frying equipment can effectively control the generation of oily smoke and peculiar smell, making the food more fragrant.

It should be noted that even if you use a vacuum fryer machine to fry food, you still need to pay attention to the selection and handling of food, as well as the selection and replacement of oil. This ensures the quality and safety of food.

vacuum frying equipment
vacuum frying equipment

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In short, the vacuum frying equipment makes the food more fluffy and crispy during the frying process by using vacuum frying technology. At the same time, it can also reduce the emission of soot, which meets the needs of modern people for food nutrition and environmental protection. If you need this machine, please feel free to contact us.

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