fried peanuts

200kg/h peanut frying line shipped to Kenya

Crispy and spicy peanuts are popular fried snacks in many countries. The commercial peanut frying line provided by our factory is the best choice for many food processors to invest in fried peanut production. The industrial peanut frying line mainly includes the peanut peeling machine, peanut frying machine, deoiling machine, seasoning machine, and packaging machine. Recently, we exported a small peanut frying line with a capacity of 200kg/h to Kenya.

fried onion ring making machine for sale

How to make crispy onion rings? Fried onion ring making machine for sale

Crispy onion rings usually need to be battered, breadcrumbs-coated, fried, and seasoned. In addition to making fried onion rings at home, we can also buy onion ring snacks produced in large quantities by onion ring processing plants. How does the onion ring snack factory make crisp onion rings? The answer is to use the fried onion ring making machine.

small fried green beans processing line for sale

200kg/h fried masala beans production line installed in the Philippines

Fried green peas are popular in many countries because of their rich flavors, bright color, and crisp taste. Especially in Southeast Asian countries and China. Therefore, many food processing plants will consider green bean frying projects and purchasing fried masala beans production line. Our fried green peas production line exported to the Philippines has been installed and used.

onion rings frying machine

Commercial onion rings frying machine shipped to South Africa

Onion rings are a crispy and delicious fried snack, which is very popular among people of all ages. A commercial frying machine is usually used to process onion rings. We recently exported an onion rings frying machine to South Africa.

sugar-coated peanuts

How to make sugar coated peanuts? Coated peanut making machine

Coated peanuts are a very common snack on the market, and coated peanuts often come in many flavors, such as sugar-coated peanuts, spicy peanuts, honey roasted peanuts, seaweed peanuts, etc. So, how to use coated peanut making machine to make sugar-coated peanuts?

vacuum tumbler for meat marinating

Tips for using commercial vacuum tumbler

Vacuum tumbler is often used in meat food processing, mainly used to pickle and season meat products. The commercial vacuum tumblers are often used in the pretreatment stage of fried meat, such as fried chicken fillet production line, popcorn chicken production line, etc. What skills should be mastered when using the vacuum tumbler?

flavored french fries and potato chips

Are fried foods really unhealthy?

It is a consensus that fried foods are not very healthy, but the crispy and fragrant taste of fried foods is unstoppable. So how should we treat fried food? In fact, the health of fried food has a lot to do with its processing method. Whether you are making fried food at home or using a food fryer to produce fried food in large quantities, you must master certain skills.

commercial peanut frying machine

Classification of peanut | Groundnut frying machine

As a frying equipment manufacturer with a strong manufacturing capacity, Taizy has developed and exported many different types of food frying machines to many countries. Among them, there are many types of frying equipment used to make fried peanuts, and we will introduce them in details here.

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