Reasonable maintenance of commercial food fryer machine

Reasonable use of commercial food fryer equipment can better extend the service life of the machine, save costs, and improve production efficiency. The use of fryer equipment includes standardized operation and reasonable and effective maintenance. Our frying machine manufacturers are here to introduce the reasonable maintenance methods of frying machines and other equipment. Maintenance method

food frying with hot oil

How To Control Oil Temperature When Frying?

When making fried food, oil temperature and frying time are important factors that need attention. So, how to control the oil temperature when making fried food with a frying machine? What other issues should be paid attention to during the frying process?

burger patty machine price

How about the burger patty machine price?

The multi-functional patty maker is popular in the market because of its high efficiency, simple operation and maintenance, and long service life. The patty forming machine can not only process all kinds of patties but also make potato patties, pumpkin patties, and vegetable patties. So, how about the burger patty machine price?

deep-fried popcorn chicken made by popcorn chicken machine

What kind of flour is good for processing fried popcorn chicken?

Golden and crispy popcorn chicken is a food that many people love. Fast food restaurants can use popcorn chicken machines to mass produce chicken popcorn products. We can also make delicious popcorn chicken at home. But which flour should we use to make very crispy chicken popcorn?

puffed snack food made by puffing machine

Working principle of puffed food machine

Puffed foods and puffed snacks now have an important share in the food market. Because puffed food has various forms, crispy taste, and easy to eat, people of all ages love it very much. How does the factory use the puffed food machines to process puffed food? What is the working principle of the puffed food making machine?

fried cheese made by frying machine

How to make fried food crispier?

Why do fried foods in fast-food restaurants always be golden and crispy, so that our appetite is greatly increased? Why can’t we make food delicious when we make fried food at home? That’s because we didn’t have a good mix of raw materials and accessories, or it was caused by unreasonable frying. Here I will share tips for making fried foods.

KFC flavored popcorn chicken

How to make KFC flavored popcorn Chicken at home?

In daily life, we may often go to KFC to buy various fast foods, among which popcorn chicken is a kind of delicious food with very good sales. Why is KFC’s chicken popcorn so delicious? How do we make KFC flavored popcorn chicken at home?

Why choose vacuum packaging for fried foods and snacks?

The vacuum packaging machine is controlled by a microcomputer program, with reasonable structure, stable performance, wide application range, and convenient use and maintenance. The vacuum cover of the vacuum packaging machine is made of stainless steel material in one molding, which is sturdy and reliable and has a long service life.

Installation and use method of mesh belt fryer machine

The mesh belt frying machine is special equipment for fried food processing, suitable for large food factories, canteens of enterprises and institutions, etc. This commercial continuous frying device is a frying device using electricity and gas as energy sources. The fryer can set different frying temperature and time according to the fried food. The machine has the advantages of safe use, convenient operation, and high efficiency.

Guide to the safe use of electric continuous frying machine

In recent years, in domestic and foreign food processing enterprises, the use of continuous frying machines is increasing, and the subsequent safety accidents have also occurred from time to time. Is the accident of using the fryer really just the quality of the frying equipment bad? Actually not. Many accidents are caused by improper use

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