How to Make Chin Chin for Sale?

chin chin snack

Are you looking to start your own chin chin business? With the right equipment and techniques, you can produce large quantities of this delectable West African snack efficiently. In this article, we will guide you through the process of using the chin chin machine to make chin chin for sale.

Nigeria chin chin snacks
Nigeria chin chin snacks

Gathering the ingredients

To begin making machine-made chin chin, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Flour: Traditionally, all-purpose flour is used, but you can also experiment with other types of flour like whole wheat or gluten-free alternatives.
  • Sugar: Granulated white sugar works best, but you can adjust the sweetness to your preference.
  • Baking powder: This helps the chin chin puff up during frying.
  • Salt: A pinch of salt enhances the flavor of the chin chin.
  • Flavorings: You can add spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, or vanilla extract for extra taste.

Preparing the chin chin machine to make chin chin

Select a suitable chin chin cutter machine: Look for a machine specifically designed for chin chin production. It should have adjustable cutting blades and a dough kneading feature.

Clean and assemble the machine: Ensure the machine is clean and all parts are properly assembled. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setup and safety precautions.

chin chin cutting machines usage
chin chin cutting machines usage

Mixing and Kneading the Dough

Measure the ingredients: Use precise measurements for consistent results. A typical recipe might include 500g of flour, 100g of sugar, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of salt, and optional flavorings.

Add the ingredients to the chin chin mixer machine: Pour the measured flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and flavorings into the mixing chamber of the machine.

Start the machine: Activate the machine’s dough kneading function to mix the ingredients into a firm dough. Allow the machine to run for a few minutes until the dough becomes smooth and elastic.

commercia dough mixer machine
commercia dough mixer machine

Shaping and Cutting the Chin Chin

Prepare the dough for cutting: Remove the dough from the machine and place it on a clean, floured surface. Knead the dough by hand for a few minutes to ensure it’s well-formed.

Adjust the cutting blades: Set the cutting blades on the chin chin cutting machine to the desired thickness for your chin chin.

Feed the dough into the machine: Cut the dough into small portions that fit the machine’s feeding tube. Slowly feed each piece into the machine, where it will be automatically cut into small squares or diamonds.

Collect the cut chin chin: As the machine cuts the chin chin, collect them in a clean container or tray. Repeat the process until all the dough has been used.

Frying and Packaging

Heat the oil: Pour a sufficient amount of vegetable or canola oil into a deep frying pan or fryer and heat it to around 350°F (175°C).

Fry the chin chin with chin chin frying machine: Carefully add a batch of cut chin chin to the hot oil. Fry them until they turn golden brown, stirring occasionally for even cooking. Once done, remove the fried chin chin and drain excess oil on a paper towel.

Cool and package: Allow the fried chin chin to cool completely before packaging them in airtight containers or bags with chin chin packaging machine. This helps preserve their freshness and crunchiness.

batch fryer machine for sale
batch fryer machine for sale


Congratulations! You’ve learned the process of making chin chin for sale using the chin chin machine. With consistent production and high-quality ingredients, you can now offer delicious chin chin to your customers.

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