How Are Puffed Foods Made in Factories?


In the modern food industry, puffed foods have become a popular snack choice for consumers due to their light, airy texture and variety of flavors.

The production process of puffed foods in factories is a fascinating blend of science and art, resulting in the creation of delectable treats that are enjoyed worldwide.

various puffed foods
various puffed foods

The Basic Principle of Puffing

The fundamental principle behind puffing is the rapid expansion of food particles when subjected to high heat or pressure, followed by a sudden release. This process creates a porous, lightweight structure that gives puffed foods their unique texture.

puff snacks making machine
puff snacks making machine

Production Process of Puffed Foods

The production of puffed foods in factories typically involves several key steps:

Material Preparation

Raw ingredients, such as cereals, starches, and flavorings, are carefully selected and mixed to create the desired recipe.


Once the mixture is ready, it is fed into an extruder machine, such as the Taizy Machine Model SL-70. This machine, which is made of stainless steel, is designed to push the mixture through a narrow die under high pressure and temperature.


As the mixture exits the extruder, it is exposed to a sudden drop in pressure and/or a blast of hot air. This causes the food particles to rapidly expand, creating the puffed texture.

Seasoning and Flavoring

After puffing, the snacks are often sprayed with seasonings or flavorings to enhance their taste.


Finally, the puffed foods are packaged in airtight containers to maintain their freshness and texture.

puffed snacks made by the puff snack maker
puffed snacks made by the puff snack maker

Taizy Machines and Our Applications

In China, Taizy Machines have gained significant popularity due to their reliability and high-quality output. The puff snacks making machine, Model SL-70, is a prime example. With a capacity of 250-300Kg/h and powered by 45kw, this puff snacks making machine is designed to efficiently produce puffed snacks with consistent quality. Its compact size of 3.2×0.8×1.8m and stainless steel construction make it a valuable addition to any food production line.

large scale puff snack extruder for sale
large scale puff snack extruder for sale

The production of puffed foods in factories is a precise and well-orchestrated process that relies on advanced machinery and careful attention to detail. Taizy Machines, such as the Commercial Puff Snack Extruder, play a crucial role in ensuring the consistent production of delicious and high-quality puffed snacks.

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