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puff snack extruder machine

Commercial puff snack extruder is a kind of equipment specially used for processing various puffed foods and puffed snacks. Puffed food mainly uses grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables, etc. as raw materials, and is processed by a puffed food maker machine. And these snacks are always nutritious, crispy, beautiful, and diverse shaped. This puff snack food extruder has a simple structure, easy operation, less equipment investment, and quick income, so it is very popular in domestic and foreign markets.

Applications of the puff snack extruder machine

Commercial puffed food extruders are widely used, mainly for making puffed snacks of various shapes and flavors. The raw materials for making puffed food are mainly various powdered materials, such as flour, corn flour, sweet potato flour, potato flour, vegetable flour, etc.

puffed snacks made by the puff snack maker
puffed snacks made by the puff snack maker

The automatic puffed food extruder can extrude these materials with different shapes under high temperature and high pressure. In addition to making puffed snacks, this machine can also be used to make all kinds of puffed pet food, such as cat food and dog food.

Technical parameter of the puffed food maker machine

Main structure of puff snack food extruder

The puffed food maker machine is also called a screw extruder, which is mainly composed of a feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system, and control system.

Among them, the feeding system of this puff snack machine is mainly composed of a powder mixer and a feeder, which mainly mixing and automatically adding the raw materials for processing puffed food.

main structure of the puffed food making machine
main structure of the puffed food making machine

In addition, the extrusion system of the extruder is mainly a screw extrusion device. According to different production needs, it can be designed into a single screw structure and a double screw structure.

The rotary cutting system of the extruder mainly includes the discharge mold and the rotary cutter. There are many types of discharge molds, customers can choose their favorite graphics, we can also customize the molds that customers need.

different puffing milds
different puffing milds

Production process of puffed snacks with the puff food extruder machine

  1. Add appropriate seasoning to the powdery raw materials and stir.
  2. Add the raw materials to the automatic feeder. Or use a screw conveyor to continuously add raw materials to the feeder.
  3. The automatic feeder can add a certain amount of raw materials to the extruder at a uniform speed.
  4. The inside of the extruder spirally squeezes and pushes the raw materials forward to the high-temperature and high-pressure forming cylinder.
  5. The raw materials are continuously heated in the forming cylinder of the puffing machine, puffed, softened, and extruded from the discharge die.
  6. After the extruded food is extruded from the discharge die, it will be quickly cut into small pieces of uniform length by the rotary cutter of the discharge port.
  7. The puffed food after cutting can be further fried, seasoned and cooled.
puff snack food making machines plant
puff snack food making machines plant

Advantages of the puff snack extruder machine

1. Commercial puff snack extruders are mainly used to process various types of edible flour such as wheat flour, rice flour, cornflour, and other edible powders into various delicious foods with different shapes and unique tastes. The market demand for this type of food is very large, so this puffed food processor has a good investment prospect.

different extrusion molds for making various puff snacks
different extrusion molds for making various puff snacks

2. The puffed food extruder is mainly controlled by a separate electric control cabinet. When it is working, so it can intelligently adjust various indicators of the production process, safe and reliable, and its operation is also very simple.

3. The machine has many models, customers can choose according to their own production needs. Its production capacity is mainly 100-150kg/h, 200-280kg/h, 300-600kg/h, etc.

puffed food extrusion molds
puffed food extrusion molds

Working video of the puffed food making machine

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