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commercial onion ring cutter machine for sale

The electric onion ring cutter machine is manufactured for cutting clean onions into onion rings or onion slices. The onion rings’ thickness can be adjusted between 2mm-5mm with the machine. Of course, before cutting the onions, we should do onion peeling and root cutting with the onion peeling and slicing machine.

Why use onion ring cutter replace with manual cutting?

Anyone who has cut an onion should know that its spicy smell always wants us to cry. Therefore, it is not feasible to cut onions manually when processing onions in food factories.

Commercial onion ring cutting machines can not only imitate the effect of manual cutting but also make the thickness of the onion ring uniform.

onion ring cutting
onion ring cutting

Most importantly, the processing efficiency of the onion ring cutting machine is very high, basically three times that of manual cutting. In addition, the use of onion cutters is safer, and can effectively avoid manual cutting injuries.

Main structure of the onion rings cutter machine

The structure of the onion ring cutting machine is very compact, mainly composed of a frame body, a motor, a feed port, a discharging port, and a cutting blade. In order to ensure food safety and long service life, the machine is mainly made of high-quality 304 stainless steel.

commercial onion ring cutter machine of Taizy
commercial onion ring cutter machine of Taizy

The feed port of the onion ring cutter machine is usually four circular cylinders with different diameters. The feed inlet is designed in this way to adapt to different raw materials, such as cucumber, potato, etc. For onions of different sizes, we can use different inlets.

The raw material of the onion ring cutter machine is usually clean onions that have been peeled and root-cut. So, in order to meet mass production, we need to use the following onion processing equipment to do peeling and root cutting first.

Small onion peeling machine

small onion peeling machine for sale

This small onion peeling machine is also called a semi-automatic onion peeler machine, which can quickly peel off the dry skin on the onion surface. When the machine works, workers need to manually add onions. The surface of the peeled onion is smooth and will not be damaged. The output of this semi-automatic onion peeler is between 50kg/h and 350kg/h.

Automatic large onion peeler machine

automatic onion peeler and cutter

The output of this automatic onion peeling machine is usually relatively large, and its hourly workload is between 200kg and 1000kg. This large onion peeling equipment has an automatic lifting system, which can gradually lift the onions to the peeling system and quickly peel them. The peeling efficiency of the electric onion peeler can be as high as 98%.

Onion root cutting machine

electric onion root cutting machine

The electric onion root cutter can cut off both ends of the onion. It is very suitable for use in restaurants and food processing plants, and can quickly process large amounts of onions. The cut surface of the onion processed by the onion root cutting machine is smooth.

Note for the onion ring processing machines

  1. There are many models of onion ring cutting machines. And different types of onion ring cutter machines have different processing capacities. Therefore, customers should choose the appropriate machine model according to their processing needs.
  2. Onion peeling machines and onion root cutters are commonly used equipment for mass processing onions. These machines are also necessary equipment for the industrial fried onion ring production line.

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