Rotary Seasoning Machine | Continuous Flavoring Mixer

rotary seasoing machine for sale

The continuous seasoning machine is mainly used for seasoning food during the food production process. The rotary seasoning machine has an inclination-type seasoning drum, which can automatically control the rotation speed and the capacity of the material, and is suitable for continuous seasoning operations in the assembly line.

Applications of the rotary food seasoning machine

Like the octagonal seasoning machine, the drum-type continuous seasoning machine is mainly used for seasoning various puffed foods and fried foods.

The difference is that the processing capacity of the rotary seasoning machine is large, which is very suitable for large-scale automatic fried food production lines. The octagonal seasoning machine is often used in small or semi-automatic food processing lines.

Technical parameters of the continuous seasoning mixer

continuous rotary seasoning machine for chips line
continuous rotary seasoning machine for chips line

Main structure of the rotary seasoning machine

The continuous fried food seasoning machine has a compact structure and beautiful shape, and is very popular in the market. Its main structure includes the main parts of bracket, roller, roller transmission system, dusting system, dusting transmission system, motor and so on.

When the machine is working, it is equipped with a spiral spice adding device, and it can be spontaneously stirred while sprinkling seasonings, so that the seasonings will not cause the phenomenon of sedimentation, adhesion, and emptiness due to different specific gravities. The automatic seasoning machine integrates electromagnetic, light control and electric control, and has a high degree of automation.

Use steps of continuous seasoning machine

(1) Connect the rotary seasoning machine to the power source. This equipment uses 220v power input. The output drum motor is 380v. The dusting motor is 220v.

(2) Start the drum motor, the drum will slowly start to normal speed. Start the dusting motor, and the dusting device starts to work.

(3) Feed the raw materials that need to be blended and seasoned from the feed port of the machine with a conveyor or manually, and continuously feed the raw materials into the seasoning machine.

(4) Turn on the powder-spreading motor to make the seasoning spray evenly in the drum.

(5) Check each operation part of the machine, and work after confirming normal operation.

(6) If the rotation speed of the seasoning machine is too high, the knob of the inverter can be turned to the left, the rotation speed will become slower, but the minimum cannot be lower than 70% of the maximum rotation speed.

(7) If the speed of the material moving forward in the drum is too fast, the slope of the drum can be appropriately reduced, and if it is too slow, the slope of the drum can be appropriately increased.

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