150kg/h Popcorn Chicken Processing Plant in Malaysia

Malaysia popcorn chicken processing plant

There is a great demand for delicious popcorn chicken in the market, so it is very promising to invest in a popcorn chicken processing plant. Many customers from Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe have successively purchased the popcorn chicken processing equipment of our factory. Recently, our Malaysian customer reported that his 150kg/h chicken popcorn processing plant has officially started production, and the current production effect is very good.

Components of the Malaysia 150kg/h popcorn chicken processing line

The commercial popcorn chicken production line has a variety of specifications, and its output can also be customized. The output of the chicken popcorn processing line that our factory often sells is 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 150kg/h, 200kg/h, 300kg/h, and some customers have purchased the production line with larger output, such as 500kg/h.

small popcorn chicken production line for sale
small popcorn chicken production line for sale

The main equipment of the conventional chicken popcorn production line includes, chicken cutting machine (mainly chicken breast), grading machine, battering machine, powder coating machine, frying machine, air cooling machine, etc.

Why did the Malaysian customer choose Taizy small popcorn chicken processing plant?

1. The market demand for chicken popcorn is large and It is profitable for investing in popcorn chicken processing business.

The local residents of this customer are very fond of eating all kinds of fried foods, especially fried meat, so delicious and convenient chicken popcorn is very popular in the local market and the demand is large. The customer can sell the finished products of the rice popcorn processing plant to local fast food restaurants, chain stores, restaurants and school cafeterias.

commercial popcorn chicken line in Malaysia
commercial popcorn chicken line in Malaysia

2. The investment cost of small-scale processing of popcorn chicken is lower and the profit is higher.

The Malaysian customer purchased a small semi-automatic chicken popcorn production line with an output of 150kg per hour. His factory employs a total of 7 workers, mainly responsible for the management, inspection, and cleaning of the popcorn chicken production line.

In addition, although the quality of the equipment in our factory is very good, in order to achieve a win-win situation with our customers and establish a long-term cooperative relationship with our customers, we all sell them to customers with the market price of the machine. Therefore, many customers are happy to cooperate with us, and our machines are therefore exported to more countries.

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