How can the warranty period of fried food be longer?

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All kinds of fried foods and fried snacks must be protected from oxidation during long-term storage. Therefore, in many fried food processing plants, fried foods are vacuum-packed and nitrogen-filled. In addition, due to the improvement of production technology, vacuum frying technology, and vacuum packaging are widely used in the food processing industry. Vacuum frying is also beneficial for the long-term preservation of fried foods.

Characteristics of food vacuum frying and packaging

Vacuum frying technology combines frying and dehydration organically, making it widely adaptable to processing materials. The vacuum frying technology of food has been greatly developed in the United States and Japan.

The vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging supporting vacuum frying is to fill the packaging container with inert gas nitrogen after removing the air, which can effectively prevent the product from oxidation, mildew, and the moth can achieve moisture resistance, quality, freshness, and extend the product storage period the goal of.

vacuum packaging machine for sale
vacuum packaging machine for sale

Storage characteristics of vacuum fried food

1. Hygroscopicity of vacuum fried food

The crispy taste is the characteristic of vacuum fried foods. To maintain the crispness of fried foods, the moisture content should be controlled within 5%, so the problem of moisture absorption (moisture resistance) during storage should be carefully considered.

The strong hygroscopicity of vacuum fried foods is mainly due to the fact that vacuum frying has a puffing effect, and its product structure exhibits a porous structure, so it is highly hygroscopic. Different vacuum fried foods have different moisture absorption capacity.

2. Vacuum fried food has a porous structure

Vacuum fried food adsorbs a layer of grease on the surface of the pores. This layer of grease cannot be removed by centrifugal degreasing, so vacuum fried food has a certain oil content. During the storage of the product, if the fat and oxygen are in contact with each other, the oxidation reaction of the fat and oil will occur. The oxidation degree of fat and oil is measured by the peroxide price.

fried vegetables made by vecuum fryer
fried vegetables made by vecuum fryer

How to preserve fried food?

Vacuum fried foods should maintain their crispness and ensure long shelf life and should be packed with vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging machines.

The packaging can choose the purity of nitrogen filling according to the different types of packaging, and directly vacuum and nitrogen filling to create an oxygen-deficient environment for the packaged items.

It keeps the fried foods active and inhibits their breathing and mold growth. It keeps them dry and prevents mildew from getting damp.

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