July 7, 2020

commercial battering machine

Commercial Batter Machine | Food Battering & Breading Machine

The commercial batter machine as well as the Tempura battering machine mainly wraps the slurry uniformly on the surface of the food when the food passes through the machine’s pulp curtain and the bottom slurry tank. Then when the food passes through the outlet, the excess slurry is removed by a powerful fan, and the excess flour pulp can be recycled for use without causing waste. This automatic battering machine is suitable for processing all kinds of meat, seafood, vegetables, and puffed food.

various fried snacks

How can the warranty period of fried food be longer?

All kinds of fried foods and fried snacks must be protected from oxidation during long-term storage. Therefore, in many fried food processing plants, fried foods are vacuum-packed and nitrogen-filled. In addition, due to the improvement of production technology, vacuum frying technology, and vacuum packaging are widely used in the food processing industry. Vacuum frying is also beneficial for the long-term preservation of fried foods.

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