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commercial battering machine

The commercial batter machine as well as the Tempura battering machine mainly wraps the slurry uniformly on the surface of the food when the food passes through the machine’s pulp curtain and the bottom slurry tank. Then when the food passes through the outlet, the excess slurry is removed by a powerful fan, and the excess flour pulp can be recycled for use without causing waste. This automatic battering machine is suitable for processing all kinds of meat, seafood, vegetables, and puffed food.

food batter machine in Taizy factory
food batter machine in Taizy factory

Main applications of the commercial food batter machine

The fried food batter machine is mainly used in the food processing industry, especially large and medium-sized fried food processing plants. It can be used for battering many foods to be fried, such as chicken legs, fish nuggets, chicken popcorn, hamburger patties, tempura, and various puffed foods.

When the automatic battering machine is used, it is generally used in food processing lines, together with beating machines, bread crumb coaters, frying machines, and seasoning machines.

Technical parameters of the food battering machine

Mesh belt width300mm400mm600mm800mm
Tempura battering machine details
Tempura battering machine details

How does the Tempura battering machine work?

When the battering machine is working, after the material is transported to the shower part through the mesh belt, the lower part of the material will be uniformly adhered to by the slurry stored on the lower shower tank, and the upper part is adhered by the slurry curtain.

When the material coated with slurry passes through the outlet fan of the machine, the excess slurry will be blown off and then input to the next process.

battered chicken steak
battered chicken steak

Precautions for operating the automatic batter machine

  1. Before using the food battering machine, place the equipment stably and brake the brake wheels.
  2. Check whether the power supply of the device is normal and whether it is wired according to the correct wiring method.
  3. Before turning on the device, check whether there are foreign objects or debris in the device.
  4. Turn on the power switch to start the equipment, and add the appropriate amount of slurry successively.
  5. Food enters through the entrance of the batter machine, drags forward through the B-shaped mesh belt, passes through the shower curtain and the bottom slurry tank, and then blows down the excess slurry by a powerful fan, and then enters the next process.
  6. Do not put your hands or hard objects into the mesh belt during operation.
  7. Do not disassemble the device without permission. If the equipment is abnormal during operation, please check it in time. Turn off the power when checking the equipment.
batter machine in fried food processing line
batter machine in fried food processing line

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