Reasonable maintenance of commercial food fryer machine

Reasonable use of commercial food fryer equipment can better extend the service life of the machine, save costs, and improve production efficiency. The use of fryer equipment includes standardized operation and reasonable and effective maintenance. Our frying machine manufacturers are here to introduce the reasonable maintenance methods of frying machines and other equipment.

Maintenance method of commercial food fryer machine

1. Fully automatic fryer equipment should be filled with a proper amount of oil into the tank before power on, so as not to burn the electric heating tube. In addition, after using the heating tube for a period of time, some impurities will be generated on its surface, which should be cleaned in time, preferably about four times within a month.

2. Clean up the debris on the surface of commercial food fryer equipment in time. The residue should not accumulate too much or be too thick to prevent the fire from being stored in the residue. In addition, in summer, the frying equipment should be changed once a day. In winter, the water can be changed regularly according to the water quality to protect the quality of the oil.

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