How to understand the safety of food deep fryer?

french fries fryer with three processing pots

Food deep fryer is very efficient in processing all kinds of fried foods and snacks, so this kind of food fryer is very popular among food processing companies. However, in the process of using the deep dryer, we must pay attention to the correct use method to ensure the safety of the production process.

How to use food deep fryer safely and correctly?

What is the safety of the fryer? This kind of problem is a problem that many users who want to purchase fryer and consumers are more concerned about. We all know that fried food is one of the more popular foods at present.

For example, KFC series potato chips, French fries, fried fish, etc. are very popular. These fried foods can be mass-produced by food deep fryer. However, the safety of the fryer has always been a concern for us. So what is the safety of the fryer, and how should we understand it?

fried food made by food deep fryer
fried food made by food deep fryer

First of all, you must fully understand the fryer currently on the market. The temperature of the food fryer is lower than 160°C, which avoids the problem of excessively high temperature of other types of fryer producing waste oil.

At present, there are many types of fryer on the market, such as continuous fryer, vacuum fryer, automatic fryer, etc. Customers should fully understand their performance before purchasing and using the fryer.

Secondly, when we use the fryer, we must also understand its heating, frying, oil storage, de-oiling, dehydration, and filtration. After the food is finished under continuous frying, the color is golden and crisp, the oil content is low, and the product is under negative pressure.

Under such relatively hypoxic conditions, the food can be further processed, which can reduce or even avoid the influence of oxidation on the food.

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