What is the best oil for the Electric Donut fryer?

deep fryer with two processing pots

Electric donut frying machine is also called the automatic frying machine, which is a kind of multifunctional frying equipment developed by our factory. The food fryer can be used to fry various fried foods, such as potato chips, onion rings, chicken legs, donuts, banana chips, etc. So which oil is the best for frying the donut fryer?

Main features of the donut fryer machine

The doughnut fryer is small in size, so it is very suitable for stand-alone use in stores. The fryer is fried in batches, which is very different from the continuous fryer.

fried donuts with the fryer machine
fried donuts with the fryer machine

The commercial donut fryer mainly has a square frame structure, which is divided into an inner basket and an outer frame. The inner basket has a mesh structure and is the main area for frying food. The outer frame is the oil-containing area, and there are two sets of heating pipes at the bottom.

When using the donut fryer, you must first pour an appropriate amount of oil into the outer frame for preheating, and when it is heated to about 160°C, you can add ingredients for frying. After frying, we have to manually lift the inner basket, and the excess oil will flow out of the mesh of the inner basket.

What oil is suitable for the doughnut fryer?

1. Peanut oil: Compared with other edible oils, the unsaturated fatty acid of peanut oil is more stable at high temperatures, and it is not easily denatured or decomposed during frying, and it is less likely to form harmful substances. So fried peanuts are very healthy. Moreover, peanut oil has a unique fragrance of peanuts, and fried things are very attractive.

large donut fryer machine
large donut fryer machine

2. Palm oil: Palm oil is often used to fry instant noodles. Because this oil has a high saturated fatty acid content, it is not easy to deteriorate. But the temperature of its freezing point is relatively high.

3. Coconut oil: Coconut oil is extracted from the white pulp of coconut and contains about 50% lauric acid, which is a healthy saturated fatty acid. Coconut oil becomes solid at room temperature, so it is not suitable for salads, but because of its high smoke point, it is an ideal cooking oil.

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