Use and maintenance of snack food seasoning machine

electric seasoning machine

The automatic snack food seasoning machine is equipped with an automatic powdering function, and its tilt is adjustable. This commercial food seasoning machine can be used alone or in a fried food production line. And it can season, mix, paste any food, such as spicy peanuts, puffed food, fried food, and seafood. It is currently the more advanced seasoning equipment on the market.

Taizy fried food flavoring machine’s advantages

  1. The snack seasoning machine adopts a geared motor and gear transmission. The internal automatic mixing device can make the mixing more uniform. During the stirring process, the fried food will not be broken.
  2. The barrel of the food seasoning machine is designed with a stainless steel octagonal shape, which avoids the disadvantages that the ball mixing barrel is not easy to turn the animal materials and the mixing is uneven. This seasoning machine can fully mix the materials to be processed and the required seasonings evenly in a short time.
  3. When seasoning, the powder, and slurry amount of the material can also be adjusted and controlled, so as to meet the requirements of different products for mixing powder and slurry.
flavored french fries and potato chips
flavored french fries and potato chips

Correct use of snack food seasoning machine

  1. Before using the automatic seasoning machine, a detailed inspection should be done to see if the fastening parts are loose. Then, check whether the power cord is damaged. Make sure that there is no foreign matter in the barrel. Check whether the voltage used by the machine meets the requirements.
  2. Put the seasoning machine in a stable position before turning it on. After the machine runs safely for one minute, shut down and put in the required mixed seasoning ingredients.
  3. After the machine has been working for a period of time, depending on the required seasoning materials, stir evenly and meet the requirements, turn off the machine. Then push the lever at the back of the machine to pull the barrel forward and pour out the material.

Snack food seasoning machine’s maintenance

  1. When the machine is running slowly or weakly, please check the tightness of the V-belt.
  2. After the machine has been used for a period of time, please check the bolts of the fasteners. If they are loose, please tighten them.
  3. The bearings of this machine have been used for 6 months, please add new lubricating oil.
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