Octagonal Seasoning Machine | Fried Food Flavoring Mixer

octagonal seasoning mixer for sale

The octagonal seasoning machine is mainly used for quick and uniform seasoning of food in the food processing industry. This automatic seasoning mixer machine is especially suitable for seasoning various fried foods and puffed foods. It mainly can be designed with one head and two heads for meeting different seasoning requirements in food processing plants.

Main applications of the octagonal seasoning machine for fried food

The octagonal seasoning machine has the function of automatic stirring, which can quickly wrap powder and mix the materials, and finally make the materials evenly coated with a layer of seasoning.

Suitable for seasoning with this automatic seasoning machine are all kinds of puffed food and fried food, such as chicken popcorn, popcorn, biscuits, pots, shrimp strips, potato chips, french fries, etc.

Automatic fried food flavoring mixer’s technical data


Note: This automatic seasoning equipment has a variety of models and specifications, so its output is also different. In the table are two models we often sell. We can also customize the machine according to customer needs.

Main structure of the Octagonal Seasoning Mixer

The structure of the electric seasoning machine is exquisite and has a sense of design. Its main structure includes frame body, base, octagonal mixing chamber, manual wrench, motor and so on.

When the machine is applied to a large-scale fried food processing line, the single-head mixing chamber is difficult to meet the production needs of customers. Therefore, we designed a double-headed octagonal seasoning machine.

This new type of seasoning machine has two octagonal mixing chambers, which can alternate seasoning work. The seasoned food can be automatically discharged by the seasoning machine to the corresponding conveying equipment for further processing.

Features of the automatic fried food flavoring machine

1. The seasoning machine is all made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, will not affect the right amount of food, and is very resistant to wear and corrosion.

2. The octagonal seasoning machine is not bulky, so it saves space. In addition, the machine is very simple to install and use, and can be used in stores alone or in food processing lines.

3. The seasoning equipment has the function of automatic unloading, which can save labor. Its processing capacity per hour is 300kg to 500kg. We can also customize the star anise seasoning machine with larger output according to customer’s demand.

Working video of the snack food seasoning machine

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