How To Control Oil Temperature When Frying?

food frying with hot oil

When making fried food, oil temperature and frying time are important factors that need attention. So, how to control the oil temperature when making fried food with a frying machine? What other issues should be paid attention to during the frying process?

How to control oil temperature when frying?

Frying at home

1. According to the firepower
Prosperous fire: The oil temperature rises fast, and the oil temperature can be lower when frying.
Small and medium fire: The oil temperature rises slowly, but the oil temperature can be higher.
When the fire is constant, if the oil temperature is too high, the flame should be immediately turned off or separated from the fire, and cold oil should be added to reduce the oil temperature.

continuous frying machine
continuous frying machine

2. According to the ingredients
(1) If there are more ingredients fried in the oil pan, the oil temperature should be higher; if there are fewer ingredients, the oil temperature should be lower.
(2) The oil temperature required for different ingredients is different. The ingredients are large in shape and old, and the oil temperature can be higher; the small in shape and tender, the oil temperature can be lower.

3. According to taste
For the fried food, the taste requires crispy appearance (the surface is covered with crispy raw materials such as sesame, pine nuts, bread crumbs), and the use of refined vegetable oil can lower the oil temperature.
And the fried food needs to be crisp outside and tender inside. The oil temperature can be set at high temperature first, then deep-fried at low temperature, and then re-fried by raising the oil temperature.

fried fish steak
fried fish steak

Frying in plants with a frying machine

When using a frying machine in a factory for mass production, the method of operation is relatively simple. Because the structure design of the fryer is very intelligent, it can automatically detect the frying temperature and set the corresponding frying time. Therefore, there is no need to worry about whether the oil temperature is appropriate when the fryer is used.

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