100kg/h Pea Fryer Machine Shipped to Russia

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The commercial fryer in our factory is versatile and can fry all kinds of fried foods and snacks. Due to the advantages of good quality, high efficiency, and simple operation, our fryer machine has been continuously recognized by foreign customers, so a large number of frying equipment have been exported abroad. Recently, we once again exported a pea fryer machine and seasoning machine with an output of 100kg/h to Russia.

Russia 100kg/h pea fryer machine details

The pea frying machine purchased by this Russian customer is our newly designed automatic frying equipment, which can realize automatic feeding and discharging, and the operation process is safe and fast.

automatic pea fryer machine for Russia
automatic pea fryer machine for Russia

This type of automatic fryer was independently developed and manufactured by our factory 2 years ago, and it was very popular with customers as soon as it was launched.

This automatic fryer is also called a tipping bucket fryer. When it is working, the material is fried in a net-like basket. After frying, the frying basket will be automatically lifted out of the fryer body by the robotic arm.

Why bought the food seasoning machine also?

The Russian customer’s food factory is not large, and many processing steps are replaced by humans. In the past, workers used large pots to season the fried peas, which was prone to uneven seasoning and burns.

the inner structure of the fryer machine
the inner structure of the fryer machine

Therefore, the customer decided to purchase an automatic seasoning machine from our factory to replace artificial seasoning, which saves time and effort and also saves labor costs.

What other frying machines can you choose from Taizy?

In fact, our Taizy factory has many types of equipment for processing fried foods, such as small batch deep fryer, large continuous fryer, vacuum fryer, etc. And each type of frying machine has its own suitable place, therefore, we will recommend the most suitable frying equipment for customers according to their specific needs.

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