Small fried banana plantain chips production line

Fried banana chips production line

Fried banana chips production line can produce banana and plantain chips. It is equipment for making fried snack chips. This production line is a small output production line, the main raw material used is bananas. We have equipment with different outputs, including a 50-500kg/h banana chips production line.

Why banana chips are not crispy?

fried banana chips 
fried banana chips 

Why are some banana chips not crispy? There are two possibilities. The first is that during the production process, ripe bananas are used, which are very sweet but not crispy. There is also prolonged exposure to air during packaging or storage. The banana slices are moist, causing the banana chips not to be crispy.

If you want to produce crispy plantain chips, you need to choose greener bananas during processing and choose a better airtight packaging bag for the wave installation of banana chips, or you can set up nitrogen-filled packaging.

The production Process of fried bananas

Production Process Of Fried Bananas
Production Process Of Fried Bananas

Fried banana chips include banana peeling–cutting banana chips–frying banana chips–remove excess oil–add seasoning with banana chips–packaging, removing excess oil also helps to ensure the crispness of fried banana chips.

Banana peeling machine

For a small banana chip processing factory, you can choose to peel bananas by hand to reduce costs or choose a banana peeler to improve work efficiency. Use a banana peeler to quickly remove whole bananas. There are two different models of banana peelers, single port banana peeler, and double port banana peeler.

banana slicer of fried banana chips production line

Banana slicer is a multi-function machine, which mainly cuts root vegetables, such as bananas, carrots, potatoes, apples, ginger, etc. The banana slices processed by the banana slicer are uniform in thickness. It can be cooked at the same time when frying, which is convenient to control the temperature.

banana slicer
banana slicer

Plantain Chips fryer

The fryer is frying equipment, and the fryer also has different models, which can be selected according to the production output. This fryer can fry banana chips as well as potato chips. Fryers can be gas heated or electric.

fried plantain chips
fried plantain chips
Semi-automatic fried banana chips production line
device namepicturepowerDimensions (mm)
banana slicer banana slicer   1.5kw  
380v or220v    
Output: 600-700 kg/h
banana fryer  banana fryer of fried banana chips production line 42kw
380v or 220v
Output :200 kg/h
   Deoiler  Deoiler of Fried Banana Production Line    1.5kw     
Output: 200 kg/h
 seasoning machineSeasoning machine for fried banana production line      1.5kw     
Output :300kg/hour
Vacuum packaging machine Packaging machine for fried banana production line          1.5kw     
Output :300kg/hour

The taste of fried banana chips

Banana chips come in different flavors, usually sweet, salty, and spicy, and can be processed using a banana chip flavoring machine before packaging. After the seasoning machine is processed, each banana slice can be evenly coated with the seasoning.

Packaging machine for fried banana production line
Packaging machine for fried banana production line

fried banana chips production line Features

1. The production rate of banana chips is high, and the technological process is simple and easy to operate.

2. The production line of fried banana chips has less investment, high income, and good product quality.

3. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, ensuring safety and hygiene.

Video of fried banana chips production line

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