200kg/h peanut frying line shipped to Kenya

fried peanuts

Crispy and spicy peanuts are popular fried snacks in many countries. The commercial peanut frying line provided by our factory is the best choice for many food processors to invest in fried peanut production. The industrial peanut frying line mainly includes the peanut peeling machine, peanut frying machine, deoiling machine, seasoning machine, and packaging machine. Recently, we exported a small peanut frying line with a capacity of 200kg/h to Kenya.

Components of the 200kg/h peanut frying line for Kenya

There are different types of fried peanut processing lines according to different processing techniques. Because the eating habits of consumers in different regions are different.

Fried peanuts can be divided into peeling peanut frying and non-peeling peanut frying. The non-peeling peanut frying line is relatively simple, mainly composed of peanut frying machine, deoiling machine, seasoning machine, and packaging machine.

peanut frying line for sale
peanut frying line for sale

Main features of the peanut frying line

  1. Industrial peanut frying line is usually the choice of small and medium-sized food processing plants for large-scale production of fried peanuts, and the output is usually 100kg/h to 500kg/h.
  2. The most important production link in the fried peanut processing line is peanut frying. When using the peanut frying machine, pay attention to preheating the edible oil in the fryer in advance. When the temperature is around 160°C, add peanuts to the fryer. The frying time is about 3 minutes.
  3. In the seasoning process of fried peanuts, customers can make their own seasoning formula for fried peanuts. When using the seasoning machine to season, just add the seasoning to the seasoning machine.
  4. Before packing fried peanuts, the temperature of fried peanuts must be cooled to room temperature. Customers can choose a granule packaging machine or vacuum packaging machine to pack fried peanuts according to their own production needs.
commercial peanut frying machine
commercial peanut frying machine

Details of the Kenya peanut frying line

This Kenyan customer is engaged in the food processing industry for the first time. He came to China to participate in the Canton Fair in 2019. During the exhibition, he learned about various food processing equipment, especially various fried food processing equipment.

After returning to China, he carefully investigated the local market and found that there is a great demand for fried peanuts, but the price of fried peanuts on the market is very high.

Therefore, he felt that the production of fried peanuts should be a good investment project. Subsequently, the Kenyan customer contacted several Chinese food suppliers and asked for quotes for the peanut frying line.

There happened to be a stock of peanut frying line in our factory. In order to let the Kenyan customer see the production process of fried peanuts more intuitively, we introduced the machine live for him in the factory. The customer was very satisfied with the service we provided, so he soon chose to buy our peanut frying line.

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