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crispy green pea production line

The fried green pea production line is specially designed to produce crisp green peas and fried beans snacks. Fried green beans are salty snacks with a crispy texture. The green peas frying plant mainly includes the cooker, dewater machine, green pea frying machine, deoiler machine, fried green beans seasoning machine, and fried green peas packaging machine. The output of the industrial green peas frying line is between 100kg/h and 1000kg/h, which can be customized according to customer needs.

Production process of fried green pea production line

The processing method of fried green beans may vary in different countries, and may also vary according to different raw materials. The raw material for fried green peas can be fresh wet peas or dried peas.

Raw material: fresh green peas

If the raw material is wet peas, it needs to be cleaned briefly, then dried in an air dryer, and then fried in an oil temperature of about 180°C with the green peas frying machine. After frying, it needs to be deoiled with an automatic deoiling machine. After the fried green beans are seasoned, they can be packaged into small bags by using a green beans packaging machine.

fresh green peas
fresh green peas

Raw material: dry beans

When using dried peas as the raw material for deep-fried green peas, we first need to soak the peas in water mixed with water and food dye for about 12 hours. Then use an air dryer to dry the peas. Then use green beans fryer, de-oiler, seasoning machine and packaging machine for gradual processing.

dry beans
dry beans

Semi-automatic green pea production line

Semi-automatic fried green peas production line is usually suitable for small food processing plants, so it is also called small green peas processing plant. The main functions of this fried beans processing line include soaking (or cooking), dewatering, frying, degreasing, seasoning, and packaging.

semi-automatic fried green pea processing plant for sale
semi-automatic fried green pea processing plant for sale

Processing steps of the semi-automatic fried pea production line

  • 1. First, the peas are sieved with a sieving machine. And choose peas with uniform particle size and no insects.
  • Soak the peas in the soaking machine for 8-12 hours. The soaking time of peas is mainly determined by the dryness and wetness of peas. Dried peas can be soaked in water mixed with water and food dyes (such as bright blue, lemon yellow) in proportion.
  • An electric dehydrator is used to dehydrate the soaked peas to remove water droplets on the surface of the peas.
  • Then we use the batch type deep fryer to deep-fry the green peas. The frying temperature of green beans is between 160°C and 180°C. Users can adjust the frying temperature and set the frying time according to production needs. When frying, be careful not to add too much material in each batch to avoid under-fried.
  • After frying, use an automatic deoiling machine to remove large oil droplets on the surface of the fried beans. The speed of this centrifugal rotary deoiler can be adjusted.
  • When using a seasoning machine to season fried green beans, the seasoning formula can be prepared in advance. When seasoning, add seasoning to the seasoning machine. After continuous mixing and stirring, the seasoning can be evenly wrapped on the surface of the green beans.
  • Finally, we can use the pellet packaging machine to package fried green beans. This machine can pack green beans into individual packages with consistent weight. And the packaging size and style of green beans can be customized.

Full-automatic green pea processing plant

Automatic green bean processing plant usually has a large output and the production process is highly automated, so it is also called a large-scale fried green bean processing line. The processing flow of this production line is similar to the semi-automatic green bean frying line, but the green bean processing equipment used is different.

full-automatic green peas production line manufacturer
full-automatic green peas production line manufacturer

Automatic fried beans processing plant features

  • The processing process of the large green bean frying line is very similar to that of the small green bean frying line, all of which are soaked, dewatered, fried, degreasing, seasoned, and packaged.
  • However, the production process of the automatic green pea production line is less manual and has a large output, which is suitable for large and medium-sized food processing plants.
  • The air dryer of this processing line is composed of multiple sets of fans, and the air-drying efficiency is very high. Moreover, the conveyor belt adopts a chain-plate mesh belt, which can reduce the breakage rate of green beans.
  • The continuous fryer of the green bean frying line can be produced continuously, and the double-layer mesh belt is used inside the green bean frying line to prevent the green bean from floating on the oil surface during frying. And the frying temperature and frying time of the green bean frying machine can be set and adjusted.
crisp green peas made by fried pea frying line
crisp green peas made by fried pea frying line

FAQ of the fried green peas processing line

How many workers does the semi-automatic fried green peas production line need?

About 3-5 people are needed. The production link of a semi-automatic green bean production line usually requires workers to transport materials. Different production lines require different numbers of workers.

Does the green bean fryer use electric heating?

The heating method of the green bean fryer can adopt electric heating and gas heating.

How can I determine the output of the green bean production line?

The output of the green bean frying line can be customized. We usually provide customers with a suitable production plan for fried green beans based on the customer’s investment budget, plant area and other factors.

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