Tips for using commercial vacuum tumbler

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Vacuum tumbler is often used in meat food processing, mainly used to pickle and season meat products. The commercial vacuum tumblers are often used in the pretreatment stage of fried meat, such as fried chicken fillet production line, popcorn chicken production line, etc. What skills should be mastered when using the vacuum tumbler?

Working characteristics of commercial vacuum tumbler

The vacuum tumbler uses the principle of physical impact under the vacuum state to turn the meat products up and down in the drum, collide and beat each other to achieve massage and pickling effects so that the meat can evenly absorb the pickles and improve the elasticity of the meat.

vacuum tumbler marinator in factory
vacuum tumbler marinator in factory

Through rolling and massaging, the meat protein can be decomposed into water-soluble protein, which is easily absorbed by the human body. At the same time, the additives (starch, salt, etc.) can be combined with the meat protein to achieve tender meat, good taste, and high yield. effect.

Tips for using chicken vacuum tumbler

  1. Set the rotating speed of the tumbler, the recommended rotating speed is (10-12)r/min;
  2. The rolling direction of the commercial vacuum rolling machine should be selected with the reverse function. The best results can only be achieved by letting the tumbler gently push, massage, lift, curl, and drop the meat.
  3. Set the vacuum value of the vacuum tumbler. The vacuum state in the vacuum tumbler can ensure that the saltwater penetrates into the meat quickly and helps to remove air bubbles in the meat. The vacuum can also expand the meat to achieve a certain degree of tenderness. The recommended vacuum value is usually 71-81kPa.
  4. Set the temperature of the vacuum tumbler, although the warmer the environment, the easier it is for the ingredients to be colored by pickling, if you consider the product’s selling period, safety, and yield, it is recommended to roll at 2-4°C The kneading effect is better.
  5. Set the load capacity of the vacuum tumbler. The load capacity is just how many ingredients are packed, and it cannot be too full or too little. The proper load is the basic condition for vacuum tumble to achieve good results. If the drum is loaded too much, the falling and movement of the meat pieces will be restricted; if the load is too little, the meat pieces will be torn when they fall too much, resulting in excessive tumbling, too soft meat pieces, and degeneration of meat proteins.
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