Working principle of puffed food machine

puffed snack food made by puffing machine

Puffed foods and puffed snacks now have an important share in the food market. Because puffed food has various forms, crispy taste, and easy to eat, people of all ages love it very much. How does the factory use the puffed food machines to process puffed food? What is the working principle of the puffed food making machine?

Classification of the puffing machines

Common puffing machines on the market can be divided into various types according to their different use occasions and processing materials. According to the major categories of food processing, it can be divided into grain puff extruder, flour puff extruder, soybean puffing machine and so on.

Grain puffing machine is mainly used to puff grains such as yellow rice and corn; flour puffing machine is used to puff wheat flour, cornflour, rice flour, and other flour food processing; the main function of soybean puffing machine is generally used to puff soybean which is different from the grain puffing machine.

various puffed snack food
various puffed snack food

The soybean puff extruder contains a degreasing device. This is a puffing machine made according to the high oil content of soybeans.

Working principle of the puffed food machine

The starch in the cereal raw material will be quickly gelatinized during the puffing process, which significantly increases the hydration rate of the protein and carbohydrates. The gelatinized starch will not be aged after being left for a long time.

This is because after the starch is gelatinized, its crystallite bundle structure is destroyed, and after the temperature is lowered, it is not easy to associate with the crystallite bundle again, so it is not easy to age.

As an economical and practical new processing method, the puffing technology of puffed food machines is widely used in food production and has been rapidly developed.

complete puffed food machine in factory
complete puffed food machine in factory

Puffed food extruder uses extrusion technology to process cereal food. After the raw materials are initially crushed and mixed, the kneading, aging, crushing, sterilization, molding, and other processes can be completed in the extruder at one time to make puffed products. It can be sold after being fried or not fried, dried, and seasoned.

Food puffing equipment adopts puffing technology to make the original coarse and hard tissue structure bulky and soft. The Maillard reaction generated during the puffing process increases the color, aroma, and taste of the food. Puffing technology is conducive to improving the quality of food, so that the food has a unique flavor of crispy and strong flavor.

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