How to make fried food crispier?

fried cheese made by frying machine

Why do fried foods in fast-food restaurants always be golden and crispy, so that our appetite is greatly increased? Why can’t we make food delicious when we make fried food at home? That’s because we didn’t have a good mix of raw materials and accessories, or it was caused by unreasonable frying. Here I will share tips for making fried foods.

The principle of frying crispy pasta food

Whether it is the use of commercial frying machines or home frying pans to fry food, especially pasta, the processing of materials is an important step.

Fried pasta such as fritters, twists, and crisps are usually crispy, with a moderate taste and golden color, which is very tempting.

This type of fried pasta uses the chemical reaction caused by the neutralization of alum and alkali to make the dough more bulky. These two substances react with water to produce carbon dioxide gas and floc aluminum hydroxide.

crispy fried food processing
crispy fried food processing

When frying, under the action of high temperature, the alum-alkali neutralization reaction is faster, and the high temperature of the oil will evaporate the water in the dough.

In addition, salt is generally added when preparing the dough. Due to the penetration of salt, a part of the water in the protein in the dough is oozed out, so that the dough becomes more resilient and extensible.

What should I pay attention to to make the fried food more crispy?

1. Choose the right edible oil

It is best to use dry oils such as peanut oil and palm tung oil. This type of oil contains a large amount of oleic acid, low iodine quality, and is relatively stable. Even if the oil temperature exceeds 200 °C, it will not oxidize and emit smoke.

Semi-dry oils, such as rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, and soybean oil, are prone to thermal oxidation after heating. Especially soybean oil, they are also prone to beany smell.

continuous fryer machine
continuous fryer machine

2. Control oil temperature

When deep-frying food, it is not advisable to use fierce fire. The oil temperature should not exceed 200°C. It can be fried for more time. For large pieces of food, you can also fry twice, the first frying temperature is about 160 ℃, and the oil temperature should be kept at about 180 ℃ during the second frying.

3. Cover the frying pot

After putting the food in the pan, it is best to cover it with a lid. In this way, the heat loss of the oil is small, and the contact surface between the oil and the air can be reduced, and the thermal oxidation can be reduced.

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