June 16, 2020

puff snack extruder machine

Commercial Puff Snack Extruder | Puffed Food Maker Machine

Commercial puff snack extruder is a kind of equipment specially used for processing various puffed foods and puffed snacks. Puffed food mainly uses grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables, etc. as raw materials, and is processed by a puffed food maker machine. And these snacks are alwayse nutritious, crispy, beautiful, and diverse shaped. This puff snack food extruder has a simple structure, easy operation, less equipment investment, and quick income, so it is very popular in domestic and foreign markets.

fried cheese made by frying machine

How to make fried food crispier?

Why do fried foods in fast-food restaurants always be golden and crispy, so that our appetite is greatly increased? Why can’t we make food delicious when we make fried food at home? That’s because we didn’t have a good mix of raw materials and accessories, or it was caused by unreasonable frying. Here I will share tips for making fried foods.

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