How to improve the gas type frying machine’s gas utilization rate?

Gas-type frying machine is the important equipment for processing fried food, such as processing fried peanuts, french fries and donuts. Gas-fired fryer machine has the advantages of low cost and high processing efficiency. So how to improve the utilization rate of gas when using gas-type fryer?

Characteristics of the gas-type frying machine

A gas fryer is a frying device that uses gas fuel for heating. The fryer is relatively simple and easy to operate. Gas-type frying machine usually needs to be equipped with a burner for igniting the gas. Compared with the electric fryer, the gas fryer has the advantages of low running cost and high calorific value.

Precautions for using the gas-type fryer

If oxygen deficiency occurs during gas combustion, carbon black may be thermally decomposed, resulting in incomplete combustion and heat loss. Moreover, gas is explosive when mixed with a certain amount of air, so reliable safety measures should be taken in the operation and management of gas.

Methods for improving the gas utilization rate of gas-type frying machine

In order to improve the gas utilization rate of the gas fryer, increase the volumetric heat load in the gas type fryer machine and reduce the heat loss caused by incomplete combustion, the following technical measures can be taken:

1.Improve conditions for airflow encounter

Improve the communication conditions of gas and air in the gas fryer. The purpose is to increase the contact area. The larger the contact area, the larger the reaction area, the more complete the combustion.

2. Preheat gas and air

Increasing the temperature of gas and air can strengthen the combustion reaction. Therefore, the waste heat of exhaust gas should be used to preheat the gas and air temperature, so as to increase the combustion temperature and flame propagation speed, so that the combustion process can be strengthened.

3. Flue gas recirculation

In order to increase the temperature of the combustion reaction zone of the gas fryer, a portion of the high-temperature flue gas can be directed to the burner to be mixed with the unburned or burning combustible mixture to increase the combustion intensity of the gas.

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