The gas-heated fryer machine was exported to California

gas-heated fryer machine packaging and shipping for US

The heating method of the food fryer machine usually has two kinds: electric heating and gas heating. The gas-heated fryer machine is more practical because the cost of gas heating is lower, and it is not restricted by conditions such as time and location. Recently, the Taizy factory once again exported a gas-fired food fryer to California, USA.

gas-heated fryer machine factory of Taizy
gas-heated fryer machine factory of Taizy

Features of gas heating fryer machine

Compared with the electric heating type fryer, the structure of the gas heating type fryer is much more compact. The gas-fired food fryer needs to be connected to combustible gas when it is working.

And a burner is needed to ignite the combustible gas. The heat generated by the combustion of combustible gas will be transferred to the vegetable oil inside the machine through the heating pipe of the fryer, achieving the purpose of high-temperature frying.

Since the unit price of combustible gas is lower, the operating cost of using a gas-heated fryer will be lower. Therefore, this commercial gas-heated fryer is more suitable for small and medium-sized food processing plants and restaurants.

Details of the gas-heated fryer machine for California

The American customer invested in a local food processing business in California, mainly producing various fried foods and snacks, such as potato chips, french fries, fried chicken nuggets, etc.

The customer’s factory originally had small electric frying equipment. However, due to the long use time, his original fryer had problems of high power consumption and uneven oil temperature. Therefore, the customer decided to purchase new food frying equipment.

Considering that the local unit electricity price of the American customer is relatively high, in order to save the customer’s processing cost, we recommended a gas-heated fryer to him. After the customer understood the principle of gas heating, he was very satisfied with our proposal.

In order to ensure the convenience of oil storage in the customer’s factory, we also recommended oil storage tanks and edible oil filter tanks at very favorable prices to him.

Parameters of the gas-heated food fryer machine for the U. S.

Fryer  Motor power: 0.55kw
Burner: 100,000kcal
Voltage: 208V, 60hz, 3phase
Dimension: 2500x1500x1600mm
Weight: 500kg
Mesh belt width: 400mm
Machine material: SUS 304
Heating method: gas heating
Burner brand: Italy brand Riello
Oil tank Power: 1.5KW
Voltage: 208V, 60hz, 3phase
Height: 1500mm
Material: 304 stainless steel 
Vacuum oil filter and pump  Coarse filter tank diameter: 300mm
Fine Filter tank size: 450mm
Circulating pump: 1.5kw
Volume: 30LVoltage: 208V, 60hz, 3phase
Material: 304 stainless steel    
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