popcorn chicken

Malaysia popcorn chicken processing plant

150kg/h Popcorn Chicken Processing Plant in Malaysia

There is a great demand for delicious popcorn chicken in the market, so it is very promising to invest in a popcorn chicken processing plant. Many customers from Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe have successively purchased the popcorn chicken processing equipment of our factory. Recently, our Malaysian customer reported that his 150kg/h chicken popcorn processing plant has officially started production, and the current production effect is very good.

commercial popcorn chicken production line

Popcorn Chicken Making Machine | Fried Chicken Production Line

The popcorn chicken production line( or chicken popcorn processing line) is a complete set of equipment composed of a series of popcorn chicken machines, which can process fresh chicken breast into instant chicken popcorn and frozen chicken popcorn in a short time. The commercial chicken popcorn making machines can be customized with different output and models according to customer needs.

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