How to make KFC flavored popcorn Chicken at home?

KFC flavored popcorn chicken

In daily life, we may often go to KFC to buy various fast foods, among which popcorn chicken is a kind of delicious food with very good sales. Why is KFC’s chicken popcorn so delicious? How do we make KFC flavored popcorn chicken at home?

What raw materials and ingredients are needed to make popcorn chicken?

Raw material:

Fresh chicken breast, ginger, starch, eggs, bread crumbs


Chili powder, cooking wine, salt, pepper

KFC popcorn chicken processing steps

Homemade popcorn chicken is very different from the mass production of popcorn chicken in food processing plants. The chicken popcorn production line often uses a continuous fryer to quickly fry the coated chicken popcorn. When making home-made chicken popcorn, ordinary wok can be used.

Step 1: Cut and marinate the chicken meat

First clean the chicken breast you bought, and then cut it in the middle with a knife and divide it into two. Then stack the two pieces of chicken breasts together and cut the chicken breasts into small squares.


Next, put the cut pieces of meat in a bowl, put cooking wine and ginger slices to remove fishy. Then pour edible salt, pepper, chili powder, and mix well.

Finally, the bowl is sealed with plastic wrap and marinated for about 20 minutes, so that the chicken breast will be more delicious.

Step 2: Wrap the chicken cubes with flour and egg liquid

Then prepare two bowls, put a proper amount of starch in one bowl and egg liquid in the other.


Put the marinated chicken breasts in starch and roll for a while, then add a layer of egg liquid and a layer of bread crumbs. Finally, after all the chicken nuggets are prepared, you can prepare to fry.

Step 3: Fry the coated chicken cubes

Pour the appropriate amount of cooking oil into the pan. When the oil is warm to 60-70% hot, you can put the breadcrumbs chicken pieces into the fry.

When the chicken nuggets are deep-fried until golden, remove and drain the oil to serve. When eating chicken popcorn, sprinkle with a layer of cumin powder will taste better.


Why not make popcorn chicken at home?

The method of making chicken popcorn at home is simple, and the taste is very similar to that of KFC, but the price is very different. chicken popcorn made at home is not only sweet and crispy, but also more hygienic, nutritious, and more economical.

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