What kind of flour is good for processing fried popcorn chicken?

deep-fried popcorn chicken made by popcorn chicken machine

Golden and crispy popcorn chicken is a food that many people love. Fast food restaurants can use popcorn chicken machines to mass produce chicken popcorn products. We can also make delicious popcorn chicken at home. But which flour should we use to make very crispy chicken popcorn?

Why use flour for making chicken popcorn?

Fried chicken popcorn is not the same as fried chicken nuggets. Fried chicken nuggets are usually relatively simple, just put the marinated chicken nuggets (usually chicken nuggets with bones) into the fryer to fry them.

ready to eat popcorn chicken
ready to eat popcorn chicken

In the process of making chicken popcorn, chicken nuggets (usually boneless chicken nuggets) should be dipped with flour pulp and powdered with flour before frying. And the popcorn chicken got its name because of its appearance like popcorn.

What flour is better for making crispy popcorn chicken?

Whether the chicken popcorn is made with the popcorn chicken machines or homemade chicken popcorn, the raw material is mainly chicken breast. Chicken breast is the largest piece of meat in chicken meat. It has the characteristics of tender meat, nutritious tonic, and delicious taste.

processing flow of the popcorn production line
processing flow of the popcorn chicken machines

When fried chicken and popcorn, the raw materials are prepared, mainly chicken breast, ginger, cooking wine, garlic, tomato sauce, fried chicken flour, bread crumbs, and so on. After preparing the ingredients, start processing the ingredients, wash and cut the chicken breast into small pieces, cut 2 pieces of ginger and 3 cloves of garlic.

In addition, prepare a little ground ginger and garlic, and marinate the chicken breast with cooking wine, salt, chicken essence, and white pepper for about half an hour. After waiting for the marinade to succeed, you can powder the chicken breast, which flour is best to use at this time?

When wrapping chicken breasts with flour, it is best to choose starch, because the starch-coated chicken popcorn will be crispier and more golden in color after deep-frying.

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