Installation and use method of the automatic frying machine

Automatic frying machine is currently a very popular food frying equipment on the market, it can be used to fry almost all food, so it is mainly suitable for large food production enterprises, which is characterized by continuous production, energy-saving, and labor-saving.

In the actual use of the automatic fryer, we must master the correct method of use in order to play its role and improve production efficiency. So, how should users install and use the automatic fryer correctly?

Main functions of the automatic frying machine for food

The automatic fryer refers to the kitchen equipment that uses the cooking oil as the main raw material to fry and cook the food. It has the characteristics of a novel style, reasonable structure, simple operation, fast heating speed, easy to clean, etc. It is widely used equipment in fast-food restaurants, hotels and catering establishments.

The products suitable for the automatic frying equipment are fava beans, green beans, peanuts, and other nuts; puffed foods such as pans and potato chips; noodle products such as shaqima and twist; meat products such as meat pieces and chicken legs; yellow croaker, octopus and other water Products; dried tofu and other soy products.

How to install and use the automatic frying machine correctly?

1. The automatic frying machine should be connected to the automatic temperature control instrument box, blower, lifting motor, scraping oil pump, and main power supply, and check whether the lifting of the lifting basket is normal.

2. Close the connection pipe between the slag oil pump and the pan, and start pouring water into the automatic fryer, rinse the iron slag, rust, garbage, and other debris in the pot and discharge it through the slag discharge port.

3. Install the connection pipe of the oil pump and the electric wire, check all pipelines and joints of the slag cleaning oil pump and pan for oil leakage, wrap the slag cleaning filter in the slag cleaning filter cylinder, and put it in the oil container.

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