FAQ about Chin Chin production

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Whether it is making Chin Chin snacks at home or using Chin Chin processing plant to produce fried Chin Chin on a large scale in a factory, we must master certain processing skills to make delicious Chin Chin. We have summarized some common problems and solutions in the Chin Chin production process, hoping to help those who process Chin Chin.

complete Nigerian chin chin production line
complete Nigerian chin chin production line

How to check if the oil is hot enough for frying Chin Chin?

The oil temperature for frying Chin Chin is generally around 160℃-180℃. If you use Chin Chin fryer in the factory, you can directly see the oil temperature display. If you make Chin Chin at home, you need to rely on practical experience to judge whether the oil temperature is appropriate.
You can take a small piece of dough and put it in oil to observe the frying effect. If the dough stays at the bottom of the oil for a long time, it means that the oil temperature is too low and the oil needs to be heated continuously. If the dough expands rapidly, the oil temperature is too hot and the heating needs to be stopped. If the dough gradually floats to the oil surface from the bottom, the oil temperature is just right.

Why are Chin Chin snacks high in oil?

If the fried Chin Chin sucks in a lot of oil, it is mainly caused by three reasons: the oil temperature is too low, the amount of oil is too little, and the dough is too much at one time. Therefore, in order to prevent the dough from inhaling too much fat, when we fry Chin Chin, we need to add enough oil to the pot and control the oil temperature. Add the right amount of dough to the frying pan for each batch.

How to make Chin Chin taste softer?

If you don’t want to make the Chin Chin taste too hard or too crispy and want a soft taste, you can consider adding eggs to the Chin Chin recipe. Fried Chin Chin made with eggs will have a soft texture.

How to make fried Chin Chin snacks last longer?

Fried foods can usually be kept for a longer time. We can store Chin Chin snacks in sealed containers, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, and place the packaged Chin Chin in a cool and dry environment. This storage can make a shelf life of up to three months. The packaging of Chin Chin can also be in the form of vacuum packaging, which can make the storage time up to half a year.

How much does the Chin Chin machine cost?

There are many types and configurations of Chin Chin processing equipment, and their prices are also different. Our factory can recommend the most suitable processing plan for customers according to their needs.

What kind of heating method can Chin Chin fryer use?

The heating methods of Chin Chin fryer mainly include electric heating and gas heating. We can customize according to the actual needs of customers.

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