Small Chin Chin production line shipped to Cameroon

chin chin snack production line for shipping to Ghana

The deep-fried Chin Chin production line is equipment for the industrialized production of Chin Chin snacks. It mainly consists of a dough mixer, a noodle press, a dough cutter, a Chin Chin fryer, a de-oiler, a seasoning machine, and a Chin Chin packaging machine. Our Taizy factory recently exported a small Chin Chin production line to Cameroon again.

Our factory’s Chin Chin processing equipment has been exported to Cameroon many times. In fact, in addition to Cameroon, our machines are often exported to Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and other countries.

Chin Chin production line
Chin Chin production line

The reason why our Chin Chin processing equipment is popular in Cameroon, Nigeria, and other countries is not only because of the good quality and favorable price of our equipment but also the fact that there is indeed a great local market demand.

Chin Chin snacks are an important festive food in West Africa. Using Chin Chin making machine to produce fried Chin Chin in large quantities can not only increase the output but also popularize this delicacy locally and even export this delicacy to other countries.

Details of the small Chin Chin production line order for Cameroon

The customer in Cameroon mainly wanted to produce Chin Chin snacks with a salty taste. The customer used to make Chin Chin snacks at home, so he is very familiar with Chin Chin recipes. The customer stated that his local economy is not very developed, and Chin Chin is usually only available during festivals. This customer usually cannot buy Chin Chin snacks when studying abroad.

chin chin machine packaging
chin chin machine packaging

Therefore, he decided to invest in Chin Chin business in his hometown to produce fried Chin Chin, not only to meet the needs of the local market but also to export the food from his hometown abroad.

Considering that this is the first time the customer has invested in a food processing business and his investment budget, our factory recommended him a small Chin Chin production line with an output of 300 kg per hour according to his needs. The small Chin Chin processing line mainly includes a dough sheet press machine, dough cubes cutting machine, frying machine, seasoning machine, and Chin Chin snack packaging machine.

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